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Free Household Clean Up


Council provides all residents with four FREE clean up collection services per year. Pre-booking is required.

All items collected are sent directly to a landfill sorting facility, so to help us reduce waste that goes to landfill, consider selling or giving away unwanted items on Gumtree or eBay, at The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, having a garage sale or ask your local charity if they accept your items.  

Booking your Household Clean Up 

  • Pre-booking is required for clean up collections
  • Ensure you are provided with a reference number when you make your booking
  • Household items must only be left for collection the night before your booked collection day.  If material is placed out earlier than the night before, material will be ordered to be removed from the street immediately, or fines issued.  

If material is placed out for collection without a booking, it will be ordered to be removed from the street immediately, or fines issued.

You can make an online booking or phone the Waste Solutions Hotline on 1300 655 006.

Please note that extended wait times may apply; it is recommended to book well in advance.


Household Clean Up specifications

  • NO more than 3 cubic metres
  • NO green waste
  • NO paints tins, chemicals, car batteries or gas cylinders
  • NO building materials (including baths, bricks, stones, guttering, wire and metal framing), car parts, tyres, commercial waste and soil
  • Doors should be removed from fridges, cupboards etc. (so that small children cannot climb inside and be locked in)

See for how to safely dispose of unacceptable items.

Council also provides a paid household clean up collection service. You may download an Application for Clean Up Collection Form and return to Council for prompt service.