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Placement of Skips in Public Places


​Council considers applications for the placement of building waste containers or “skips” in public places based on its adopted Code. The onus of safe delineation and conspicuity is the responsibility of applicants and the following are minimum requirements:-

  • Council approval shall be obtained prior to the placement of any building waste container in a public place.

  • Applications shall be lodged in writing, together with the information required by this Code, at least 7 days in advance and longer where the approval of Lane Cove Traffic Committee is required.

  • Applications shall be accompanied by the fee and deposit together with evidence of the required public risk insurance.

  • The placement of any container without such approval is an offence subject to penalty and Council may institute legal proceedings and may direct its immediate removal or may impound same in which case there shall be recovery charges to obtain its release.

  • Council reserves the right to direct the removal of any building waste container if any nuisance associated therewith is created.

  • Approvals shall be issued by Council’s Urban Services Division and shall NOT be automatically attached to building consents.