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Waste and Recycling


Lane Cove Council provides residential recycling and waste clection.

To find out about services and initiatives aimed at supporting responsible disposal of waste, click through the list on the left hand side of this page.

Where does our waste go?

Lane Cove's general waste is transported by rail, along with waste from several other Council's, to Veolia Environmental Services' Woodlawn Bioreactor, near Goulburn. Once there, the waste deposited into the Bioreactor breaks down rapidly to produce methane. The methane is then used to produce green energy. At full capacity, Woodlawn Bioreactor (and the on-site wind farm) can generate almost 300,000MWh per year, providing equivalent power for 37,500 homes per year.

In addition to this, Veolia in partnership with several Sydney councils have recently launched the Mechanical and Biological Treatment facility at Woodlawn Eco-precinct. This facility uses resource recovery technology to extract organic content from Council's waste streams; producing compost for on-site mine rehabilitation. The facility also has the ability to transform residual waste into clean heat for their barramundi farm and green energy for the grid. The facility will process 144,000T of waste per annum and will divert more than half of participating councils' general waste tonnes away from landfill.

Lane Cove is a Sharing Community

Instead of buying new, you may find it's more fun and more neighbourly to swap, borrow, or trade the many things we own that sit untouched for most of the year or get thrown away.

In cities and towns around the world, people are creating ways to share everything from baby clothes to boats, hardware to vacation homes. and this movement has thrived in Lane Cove.

Here are some resource sharing community projects in and around Lane Cove.

Buy Nothing Lane Cove LGA NSW

Buy Nothing Lane Cove LGA is for residents living in Lane Cove, Lane Cove West, Lane Cove North (south of Mowbray Rd), Riverview, Longueville, Northwood, Greenwich and St Leonards (Lane Cove LGA side).

The Facebook group promotes hyper local free gifting economy, members give where they live and builds community. In this group there is no buying or selling, no trades or bartering, no soliciting for cash.

Lane Cove Community Marketplace

A online market place for community to help one another get what we need , while at the same time fighting waste and reducing impact on the environment.

Buy , Sell , Share , Swap , Rent , Giveaway - A tree is planted for every sale , and avoided waste to landfill is tracked with every rental.

North Shore Free Stuff, Buy, Sell, Free-Cycle

The Facebook group promote community committed to low-waste living where items with life can be re-loved and saved from landfill & keeping pollution from our environment.

North Shore Sydney Sell, Buy, Swap, Giveaway

The Facebook group is a North Shore marketplace where you can pass on unused things to someone who needed an item.

Share Waste

The webpage connects people who wish to recycle their food scraps and other organics with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep farm animals.

You can divert organic material from landfill while getting to know the people around you!

Repair Café Sydney North

The group is set up by a group of skilled and dedicated lower north shore residents who wants to share their skills in fixing small things. The motto is "Toss it? No Way!!" We want to fix it!

The free repair café is opened 1st and 2nd Sunday each Month, from 2pm to 4pm at the Living & Learning Centre, 180 Longueville Road, Lane Cove

The BOWER reuse and repair centre

The Bower is a great reuse and rehoming option for items that are still in good condition.The Bower collects good quality timber household furniture, general household items, bikes, electrical appliances and building materials.

The Sydney Library of things

The Sydney Library of Things is a not-for-profit service that provides the local community with access to a collection of extremely useful but only occasionally used items that can be loaned out for a short period of time.

The group is like a normal library but with things instead of books! It hope by encouraging people to borrow instead of buying or throwing away their unwanted items, together we can create a better connected, more sustainable and stronger community.

Stay tuned: A Lane Cove Library of things will be starting in 2023!

Lane Cove Toy Library

At a toy library you can borrow from a vast array of well-made toys that have been designed to support your child's skill development and imagination. It aims to support families and encourage togetherness with quality time spent playing with children.

Stay tuned: A Lane Cove Toy Library will be starting in 2023!

Learn To Buy and Sell Online

Take a look at our tutorials below to learn how to use various online websites such as eBay, Gumtree, FreeCycle, Facebook marketplace and more to sell your unwanted items. Tips include how to take a good photo when selling an item as well as how to market and price your items.

Download Learn to Buy and Sell Outline - Part 1

Download Learn to Buy and Sell Outline - Part 2

Enquiries about Council's services can be made to our Waste Solutions Hotline on 1300 655 006.