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​Flag system - Learn more about the flag system at local sports fields.

Wadanggari Park, St Leonards - Find out about the new green space coming to St Leonards.

​St Leonards South Development Applications - Review the approved development applications 
Sport and Recreation Facility - The latest on this 8 multi-court facility on River Road.
Bob Campbell Oval - Find out the latest details.
Blackman Park Update - Find out the latest details about the upgrades to Blackman Park.

266 Longueville Road - The latest update.
St Leonards South - Find out more about the finalisation of the St Leonards South precinct.
Library to Your Door - Find out how you can get Library items delivered directly to your door.
Parking in Lane Cove - Find out about local parking areas.
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Flag system for local fields
Red flag at Blackman Park.jpg

​​Keep your eyes peeled for red flags at our local sports fields. Following a successful trial, flags will be displayed at sports fields to help dog owners know when their dogs are allowed on the oval. 

  • No flag = allowed off-leash on oval

  • Red flag = not allowed on the oval 

This will keep athletes and dogs safe. The flags will also be used when Council staff and contractors are working on the ovals. For example, when mowing, marking or aerating the lawn. 

In addition to Kingsford Smith Oval where this system has been in place since 2020, flags will be used at:

  • Blackman Park

  • Burns Bay Reserve

  • Bob Campbell Oval

  • Pottery Green

  • Tantallon Oval

To help make the transition a smooth one, our Rangers will be out and about at the sports fields to help educate residents about the new process. 

Field Availability

Did you know you can check the availability of Council's facilities including sports fields and parks on our website?

To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Facilities webpage;

  2. Under the Availability bullet point, select Library, Indoor Venues, Sports Grounds or Parks and Reserves;

  3. The calendar will highlight whether the facility is available. Busy times are blocked out in red.  

Wadanggari Park at St Leonards

The new green space has been named Wadanggari Park after our community put forward names and then voted on the most popular ones. Wadanggari means 'Banksia' in Sydney Indigenous language. 

What we're building 

The 4,750 square metres of open space features a lawn, plaza, passive nooks, boardwalk and a regional scale adventure playground. The design features best practice in landscape urban design and safety and is seamlessly connected to the JQZ, 88 Christie Street development, and includes a new library, retail, public toilets as well as a 300- space public basement car park.

The Pacific Highway pedestrian underpass will have improved lighting and safety. In addition, an elevator will be installed for direct access. It's expected to be finished mid-2023

Stay Updated

Wadanggari Park 12 March Helicopter Shots (1).jpgMay 2023 Update

March 2023 Update

February 2023 Update

January 2023 Update

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October Update

September Update
August Update

St Leonards Plaza Design

View the fly-through of the proposed design to see an artist's impression of the new green space coming to St Leonards.


(Please note - this is an artist impression for illustrative purposes only, surrounding environment and developments may vary and design is subject to change at Council's discretion)

Previous Updates

June Update

May Update

April Update

March Update 

January 2022 Update

Changed Traffic Conditions - Canberra Avenue/Marshall Lane

The intersection of Canberra Avenue and Marshall Lane is now closed until the completion of the project. As a result Marshall Lane has reverted to a two-way lane with entry/exit from Berry Road. Signage is present at the following locations: 

  • Berry Road/Marshall Lane intersection 
  • Marshall Lane/Canberra Avenue intersection 
  • Canberra Avenue/Marshall Avenue intersection 

The changes were put in place to facilitate the arrival and construction of one of the largest cranes in Australia, in terms of lifting capacity. The crane will be required to lift the beams in place to span the rail corridor. .

Out of Hours Works

Due to the type of equipment and access required for this unique project, it will be necessary to undertake work outside standard construction hours. Council is aware that there has already been noisy work undertaken in this precinct however it is unavoidable for this current project as there are also regulations which will requires works to take place out of hours. For example, transporting heavy machinery can only be done in the early hours of the morning with transport trucks required to be off road by 5:30am. When Out of Hours works are a scheduled for the New Green Space construction site, residents and business will be notified by letterbox drop from our contractors. We will also upload these notifications to our project website where possible.

December 2021 Update


This month, Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove and Felicity Wilson, Member for North Shore joined former Mayor Pam Palmer to turn the first sod, marking the commencement of the project. Since then, the main construction work site has been established and piling work necessary to support the columns which will ultimately hold up the bridge commenced on Canberra Avenue, with 30% now already poured.

Having completed the early works, Arenco (NSW) Pty Limited has now been confirmed as the principal contractor for the project. They will be responsible for both the bridge structure, the green space landscaping and Canberra Avenue Drop-off area.

During contract finalisation, Council worked with Arenco to help address the community’s concerns about removal of the pedestrian access to the Pacific Highway during construction, which was required under the original construction program, for safety reasons.

In exciting news for locals, modifications have been made to the construction methodology to safely accommodate a small staircase, which is currently being built to reinstate the connection between Canberra Avenue and the Pacific Highway to help residents to access amenities in St Leonards. Council is extremely pleased with this outcome, as it minimises the inconvenience to pedestrians.

November 2021 Update

Early works are now underway for the construction of a new open space in the heart of St Leonards.

The November Community Update includes important details about the upcoming construction program works including key milestones, anticipated disruptions and how you can stay in touch.

Construction Program

As this project takes place within the rail corridor there are some activities which do not require notification and from time to time there will be disruptive works unrelated to this project. With a range of infrastructure projects taking place within St Leonards we aim to help make it clear which activities relate to this exciting open space project forecast for practical completion by the end of 2022.

St Leonards Plaza Design Information Session 

Residents were invited to an information session in June 2021 about the design for the St Leonards Plaza with a presentation from the Principal Landscape Architect at Arcadia Landscape Architecture. Staff were on hand to answer any questions. You can view the presentation from the evening in the Related Documents below.

Related Documents                                         

Council is committed to protecting your personal information and will manage your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.   

Please note, unless contrary to the public interest, any submission received may be made available to the public in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 subject to the removal of personal contact information, personal financial or commercial information and health and medical information

NSWGov_Waratah_Primary_RGB.jpgProudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Lane Cove Council

St Leonards South DAs

​St Leonards South – Development Applications Page

This page provides details of the Approved Development Applications for the St Leonards South Planned Precinct. 

The Precinct is between Canberra Avenue, Park Road, Marshall Avenue and River Road. 

For further details on the establishment of the Precinct, view our previous website information.

Location: 22-34 Berry Road, 21-31 Holdsworth Avenue and 42-46 River, St Leonards 

Areas: 18-20 

DA Number: 60/2022

Description: Demolition of existing structures and construction of residential flat buildings comprising 230 apartments and basement parking for 411 vehicles

Applicant Details: 

Helena Miller

MG Planning P/L

PO Box 197 DRUMMOYNE NSW 1470 

Tel: 0405 180 117

Location: 1-3 Holdsworth Avenue and 10-12 Marshall Avenue, St Leonards

Area: 12

DA Number: 187/2021

Demolition of the existing structures and construction of a part 10 and part 12 storey residential flat building comprising 96 apartments and basement parking for 110 vehicles

14 December 2021 - 11 January 2022 Public notification of Development Application and Draft VPA.

Applicant details:

New Golden C/

Cameron Gray

Willowtree Planning Pty Ltd

65 Berry Street


Location: 13-19 Canberra Avenue, St Leonards

Area: 5

DA number: 162/2021

Description: Demolition of existing structures and construction of a mixed-use development (12 storeys) comprising 81 apartments, childcare centre for 60 children, community facility, restaurant/café and basement parking for 116 vehicles, east-west public pedestrian link and stratum/strata subdivision

Applicant Details:

Mr Simon Truong

HPG General P/L

Address: 256 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067

Tel: 02 8045 8683 

Location: 21 to 41 Canberra Avenue and 18 to 32 Holdsworth Avenue, St Leonards

Area: 7-11

DA number: 99/2021

Description: Demolition of existing structures and construction of five (5) residential flat buildings (ranging from 6 to 10 storeys) comprising a total of 323 apartments and basement parking for 372 vehicles.

Location: 21-25 and 37-41 Canberra Avenue, St Leonards

Area: 7-11

DA number: 97/2021

Description: Temporary Display Suite and Real Estate Signage. 

Private Certifier Details:

McKenzie Group Consulting (NSW) Pty Ltd (ACN 093 277 995)

Address: Level 6, 189 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 8298 6800 

If you have any concerns, you can report matters online or if urgent, call Council on (02) 9911 3555.

Contact person:

Mark Brisby

Executive Manager – Environmental Services

(02) 9911 3610

Sport & Recreation Facility

We're planning an exciting new 8 court multi sport facility at 180 River Road, Lane Cove. Nearly 10 years in the making, this new facility will provide much needed sporting space for our community.

Watch the fly-through of the proposed space.

fly-through screenshot.jpg

May 2023 - FAQs

What is the impact of the vote at the March 2023 meeting?

The resolution adopted by Council will begin the procurement process.  This was also reaffirmed at the April 2023 meeting.

March 2023 Minutes

When will the new sports precinct be built?

Council is on track to begin demolition of the existing Golf Club car park, club house and tennis courts late June 2023, provided the Tenders received for the construction phase are within budget. The demolition can proceed following development approval being granted by the Sydney North Planning Panel on 5 May 2023.

Were other locations considered?

Council's investigated a warehouse conversion in Lane Cove West, a joint facility with Willoughby City Council and other sites but found we would end up with half the number of multi-purpose courts for the same build costs. Refer to August 2022 Council Meeting. 

Why build a new sport and recreation precinct?

There's a shortage of sports facilities – as detailed in the reports outlining demand for sporting facilities. Our existing sporting facilities are at capacity and sporting groups report difficulty in finding space across the lower north shore. It is no longer feasible for Council to purchase land to meet sporting and recreation needs. This new facility will be where 'everyone can play' - whether it is netball, basketball, tennis, dancing, community social events or enjoying a meal with friends and family overlooking the beautiful Lane Cove Golf Course.

What about other sporting facilities in nearby LGAs?

It's acknowledged that sporting facilities are in such short supply that both the Willoughby City Council sports centre at Gore Hill (St Leonards) and the Lane Cove Council precinct need to be built to meet demand.  This is the first time since 2008 (when the need for such a facility was first conceived in Council's Recreation Action Plan) that Council is in a position to 'act' and deliver a multi-purpose facility. For more details see the April 2022 Mayoral Minute which details a meeting held with the Mayor of Willoughby City Council and the General Manager of Willoughby City Council.

How much car parking will be provided?

The facility will provide 248 parking spaces including 6 accessible parking spaces, plus 20 bicycle parking spaces and 16 motorbike parking spaces. This parking is designed to meet the needs of the venue. 

How long will it take to build?

The draft construction program has an 18 month timeline.

Has Transport for NSW (TfNSW) approved traffic and pedestrian changes?

Yes – TfNSW have provided in principle support for the installation of traffic signals on River Road to enter and exit the facility. Council staff are working with TfNSW on detailed design of this traffic intersection. It is normal for local government to continue to liaise with other agencies, such as TfNSW, to finalise design during construction. The Development Application includes a condition of consent requiring the traffic signals to be in operation prior to commencement of operation of the new facility.

How is Council managing the project compared to the North Sydney pool, which was the subject of a recent PwC review?

Lane Cove Council has delivered a large capital works program over the last decade that is larger and more complex than neighbouring councils. Council has a stable, proven senior management and project management team. Since 2012, Council has delivered:

  1. The Canopy ($80m)

  2. Wadangarri Park ($45m) – Over Rail Bridge and park at St Leonards, currently nearing completion, on budget.

  3. Lane Cove Aquatic Centre re-development ($15m)

Council has prepared a commentary on the matters that have been identified in the PwC external review of the North Sydney Olympic Pool Redevelopment Project from the publicly available information. In providing the commentary, Council in no way is commenting on or passing judgment on the matters identified, but rather to outline the actions Lane Cove Council is taking in relation to the management of its Sport and Recreation Facility project in respect of the issues identified.

How have the costs for the project changed?

In June 2021, Council lodged DA64/2021, the total project cost was estimated at $58.30M. Refer Council Meeting 18 August, 2022 for details. The funding for the project at that time was outlined in the report to the Council Meeting of 19 April, 2021, and "proposed to utilise a combination of s7.11 Developer Contributions, proceeds from the long-term lease of 266 Longueville Road, Grants and Loan Funds". The loan proposed was a $20M loan fixed for 10 years with a 50% discount on the interest rate for the life of the loan equating to a rate of approximately 0.85%.  

In November 2022 Council lodged DA147/2022, the total project cost was estimated at $65.35M with base sustainability and $77.63M with enhanced sustainability, refer Council Meeting 18 August, 2022. Council ultimately capped the total project cost at $75M with enhanced sustainability. The funding for the project is also outlined in the 18 August report. The loan obtained for the project is a $10M loan fixed for 10 years with a 50% discount on the interest rate for the life of the loan equating to a rate of 2.2%.  

What are the requirements for the grant from the NSW Government for the project?

Council was successful in obtaining a $5 million grant for the project under the NSW Government Multi Sport Community Facility grants program. The grant program requires construction to commence by 1 July 2023 and be completed by December 2025. The project timetable outlined above provides a pathway for this to occur, with an estimated construction time of 18 months commencing in June 2023.

What about the environmental impacts?

Council resolved in August 2022 to adopt a high level of sustainability features with a budget of circa $10 million which is included in the overall budget of $75 million. Key considerations include water reduction and reuse, energy reduction and recovery. Consultants Steensen & Varming have worked with the design team to ensure the detailed design addresses our sustainability priorities. These consultants will work throughout the project to provide continued design advice, refining the details, tracking progress, and confirming compliance of the design to achieve the environmental outcomes. All trees removed will be replaced at a minimum of 2:1 with local native plant species.

How are you being transparent with Council decisions?

There have been eight reports with 42 supporting reports across 10 Council meetings within a 14 month period. It's a transparent way for Council to deliberate, debate and resolve how to proceed. All of these reports are publicly available: 

  1. Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 28 February 2022

  2. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 21 March 2022

  3. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 19 April 2022 via Mayoral Minute

  4. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 19 May 2022 (Plus 7 attachments with additional information)

  5. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 18 August 2022 (Plus 19 attachments with additional information)

  6. Extraordinary Meeting of Council - 29 August 2022

  7.  Ordinary Meeting of Council – 29 September 2022 (Plus 5 attachments with additional information)

  8.  Ordinary Meeting of Council – 27 October 2022 (Plus 8 attachments with additional information)

  9. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 8 December 2022 (Plus 1 attachment with additional information)

  10. Ordinary Meeting of Council – 23 March 2023 (Plus 2 attachments with additional information) 

April 2023

A progress report on the Sport and Recreation Precinct was presented at the April council meeting.  It was decided  a working group would oversee the golf course operations during construction of the Precinct. The golf course will remain open during construction which will include demolishing the existing golf club house and car park. A 'park n ride' six week trial will include a shuttle bus from the Little St car park.  

Other items including a solar system, tender documention and management model for the finalised Precinct were discussed at the meeting.

March 2023

Following the Council Meeting on 23 March, Council will be proceeding with Stage 1 procurement with no work to commence prior to close of tenders for Stage 2.

Development applications will be reviewed and a summary report will be presented at the April Council Meeting. Any changes to the documents will be issued as addendums to the tender documents.

November 2022

The development application (DA147/2022) was submitted and is open for your viewing and comments until 23 January 2023 (originally 13 January but has been extended). If you have questions in relation to the development application you can contact Council's Manager - Development Assessment, Rajiv Shankar by email ;or phone 9911-3527.

Council has been advised that it was successful in obtaining a $5 million grant for the project under the NSW Government Multi Sport Community Facility grants program. As previously reported to Council, this grant program requires construction to commence by 1 July 2023 and be completed by December 2025. The project timetable outlined above provides a pathway for this to occur, with an estimated construction time of 18 months commencing in June 2023.
Also, as part of the funding strategy for the project, Council has been successful in obtaining approval for a T-Corp $10M, 10 Year fixed rate loan, with the actual rate aligned to the draw down date. It is anticipated the rate will be circa 4.6% fixed. Council made a further application under the NSW Government Low-Cost Loan Initiative and was successful in obtaining a grant of an additional $599,701, for an increased interest rate subsidy, with the total subsidy now up to $1,414,040. This returns Council’s interest rate subsidy to 50% of the 10 Year fixed rate, circa net 2.3%. 
Council’s Sport and Recreation Precinct Advisory Committee met on and discussed the following options during the construction period:-
1.   Retain a fully operational Golf course with a modified 9 hole layout;
2.   Retain a limited operation Golf course with a less than 9 hole layout; and
3.   Not operate a golf course, maintain the general course condition to minimise reactivation costs post construction and allow general community access in the interim.
The construction program will see the course impacted for 18 months and therefore all three options are under consideration. The Committee will meet again early in 2023 to consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of each option. A key issue will be provision of suitable temporary parking should Options 1 and 2 be pursued. The Golf Club representatives on the Committee will consider this in developing a temporary alternate golf course layout concept for discussion.

27 October 2022

At the Council meeting, it was resolved to lodge a development application for the new facility (option 2). Council also resolved to run a targeted community workshop for user groups. This will be conducted after the development application is lodged during the detailed design phase. The draft drawing tabled at the meeting is subject to change for the purposes of development application lodgement.

29 September 2022

Council resolved to exhibit Option 2 (8 court multi-sport facility) for 14 days and receive community feedback on the concept plan. The sketch design plans provide indicative areas per space noting that final areas are subject to design development.

View 'option 2' concept plan here and email your comments or questions to with the subject 'sport and recreation precinct' before 14 October.  

17 September 2022

Community Workshop Feedback: Sport and Recreation Precinct Revised Concept Design

Around 110 people came along to share their ideas on the concept design options for this facility on the 17 September. Overall, we were pleased to see a cross section of our community and to have representatives from sporting clubs, residents and community groups. Many of you put forward questions about how the golf club would adapt and leverage the new facility, what features would be included and how to design specific features into to the new facility.

We'll now carefully analyse all of your feedback and it will be presented in a report at the 29 September meeting. The report will be available for public viewing from Friday 23 September 2022. View the Council Agenda and Meeting Minutes

​Community Workshop: Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Precinct Revised Concept Design

Saturday 17 September, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, Lane Cove Golf Clubhouse, 180 River Road, Lane Cove

Council at its August Meeting determined to progress the design and construction of a Sports and Recreation Facility of a maximum of 8 courts (4 indoor and 4 multi-purpose outdoor) at 180 River Road, Lane Cove.

Previous designs at the site related to a 9 court facility, and so Council is conducting a workshop to provide the opportunity for community input into the concept design (work in progress) for an 8 court facility (4 indoor and 4 outdoor courts).

The workshop will be conducted in the Lane Cove Golf Clubhouse, between 2:30pm and 4:00pm on Saturday 17 September 2022.

AJ+C Architects, designers of the Sport and Recreation Precinct will present draft concept designs for an 8 Court facility and there will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and provide feedback in relation to the draft designs. The community feedback will be considered in the resolution of the concept design which will be considered by Council at its meeting of Thursday 29 September 2022.

For further information on this project, please continue to view the information on this page.

September 2022

The minutes from the Extraordinary Council Meeting on Monday 29 August are now available to view online.

25 August 

An Extraordinary Council Meeting in relation to the Sport and Recreation Facility will be held on Monday 29 August at 7:00pm. The Agenda is now available to view online.

August Update

The Agenda and Minutes for the 18 August Council Meeting are now available to view on Council's website.

In summary, to finalise the preferred location this report considers a shortlist of locations for the facility post the 19 May 2022 Council report which considered all alternative locations, being:-

Option 1:         Revised Facility with a new entrance at River Rd site with 5 Indoor / 4 Outdoor Courts

Option 2:         Revised Facility with a new entrance at River Rd site with 4 Indoor / 4 Outdoor Courts

Option 3a:       Acquire property in Lane Cove West Business Park and adapt to 4 Indoor Courts

Option 3b:       At River Rd site, rebuild the existing outdoor courts, converting them to 4 multi-courts and construct a new Golf Club House.

Option 3c:       Combine 3a. + 3b.

The report also includes the outcome of the review of the previous Development Application at the Golf Course,180 River Road site which includes revised entry arrangements, removal of the arrival plaza, and subsequent reduction in the outdoor court footprint, and further details of the Environmentally Sustainable Development options for the project. Finally, the report outlines the next steps if Council chooses to progress the project. 

The report recommends that Council determine whether or not to proceed with the project and the preferred option if the project is to proceed.

View the Council Agenda for a copy of the full report 

Previous Update

As per the report to the 21 March 2022 Council Meeting, the next activity in the process is the outcome report to Council which is due to the August Council meeting. 

May 2022

At the Council meeting on Thursday 19 May, Council considered a status report on the Sport and Recreation Facility alternate locations and business case. View the minutes of the Council meeting online

April 2022

Have Your Say on the Sport & Recreation Precinct Options

Consultation is now closed. The survey ran from Wednesday 13 April to 12noon Friday 6 May 2022.

Council remains focused on delivering much needed multi-court sports facilities in the Lane Cove LGA to meet increasing demand for sports such as netball, basketball and tennis. Council is currently pursuing the following three options for the provision of courts:

1. Redevelopment of the Lane Cove Golf Club
2. Identifying alternate sites, primarily in the Lane Cove West Business Park
3. Joint venture with Willoughby Council that includes their proposed Gore Hill development

The community is being asked to provide their feedback on the current options and are encouraged to join a community workshop related to the Business Case for the Sport and Recreation Facility.

Prior to completing the survey and/or attending the workshop it is recommended to review the current background information:

 Community Workshop

Tuesday 3 May, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Terrace Function Room, Lane Cove Community Hub, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove

Council held a Community Workshop for a presentation of the Lane Sport and Recreation Precinct Business case by Simon Haire of Xypher Sport and Leisure. Maria Nordstrom (CEO Basketball NSW) and Belinda Bernstein (President Northern Suburbs Netball Association) will also be in attendance to shine a light on their respective sports and the challenges they face in terms of court supply, and junior development.

Workshop Presentations included:-

Extraordinary Council Meeting - Monday 28 February

Council held an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Monday 28 February in regards to Notice of Motion - Sydney North Planning Panel Determination for DA 64/2021.

At the meeting, it was resolved that Council:

  1. Advises the Sydney North Planning Panel that it formally withdraws DA 64/2021 for the Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility;

  2. Confirms that the two workshops from resolution 37/2022 will proceed as planned;

  3. Reaffirms Council's intent to consider all available options to meet the demand for indoor sporting facilities in the Lane Cove area; and

  4. In relation to point three (3), receive an updated project timeline at the March Council meeting.

The minutes from the Extraordinary Meeting are now available to view online.

February 2022 

February Council Meeting

Council considered a report "Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Precinct - NSW Government Funding Opportunity"  at its meeting of 21 February 2022, resolved that Council:-

​ Receive and note the report; 
​Note that the Sydney North Planning Panel has refused Council’s request to defer the hearing of DA 64/2021 and that the hearing will proceed on 2nd March 2022;
​Restates its resolution of 24 January 2022 that Council confirms its commitment to consider other options for the indoor sport and recreation facility, and acknowledges that an approved Development Application will not prevent Council from further consulting with the community and considering all possible options. In so doing:- 
a. That Council organise an open community workshop on sport and recreation requirements in Lane Cove with attendance open to residents of other LGAs; and
b. That promotion of the workshop will be designed to ensure the widest possible range of attendees.
​Schedule a working session with Councillors on the details behind the current Business case for the project (with clarification of the source AT-1 or the Xypher Report). And following the internal working session, that Council conducts a public forum, with the current Business Case presented, and a Question and Answer session; 
​If Council decides to proceed with the Detailed Design phase of the current design proposal, undertake the following actions:-
a. Engage the Sustainable Design Consultant to set Green Star or equivalent goals for the current building design;
b. Undertake a new Traffic Report which accounts for the increase in traffic to River Road with the three major proposed new developments in that precinct and in line with the Business Case modelling user numbers;
c. Arrange a review of the current scheme by the Lane Cove Design Review Panel, including the siting and review of the significant trees; and
d. Update the Building Cost Report and the Business case in preparation for re-release following the completion of points (a) to (c) above. 
​Not seek funding grants at this stage in the process.

A copy of the full May 2021 full Business Case and Business Model prepared by Xypher Consulting is now available.

Sydney North Planning Panel determination of Development Application

The Sydney North Planning Panel has announced its public determination meeting for the Sport and Recreation Facility will be held at 4:00pm on Wednesday 2 March 2022. 

The Panel's Notice includes the following information:

The meeting is to be held via public teleconference due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) precautions as a measure to ensure the health and safety of the community. 

Relevant documents are available on the Planning Panels website 

To register to speak or to listen to this meeting, please contact the Planning Panels Secretariat before 4pm on Monday, 28 February 2022 on 02 8217 2060 or email You will be provided the phone number and code to enable you to join the public teleconference once registered. Any person may listen the meeting to the public teleconference. The panel is required to make an audio record of the meeting and make the recording publicly available on the Planning Panels website. You should be aware that this may include your personal information if you are presenting to the panel. For more information: (02) 8217 2060

January 2022 

The minutes from Council's Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 24 January are now available to view online.

At the meeting it was resolved to:

  1. Request that the General Manager contacts the Sydney North Planning Panel and requests that they delay determination on DA 64/2021 for the indoor sport and recreation facility; noting that Council is not formally withdrawing the Development Application; an

  2. In the event that the Sydney North Planning Panel is unable or unwilling to delay determination on the Development Application, that Council confirms its commitment to consider other options for the indoor sport and recreation facility, and acknowledges that an approved Development Application will not prevent Council from further consulting with the community and considering all options

Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility

The next stage of the new Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility is now rolling with the concept design finalised ahead of its review by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

The Sydney North Planning Panel recently deferred the public determination from 7 December 2021 and has requested further information in relation to SEPP 55. 

Visit the Sydney North Planning Panel website for the latest information.


You can watch the video flyover​ to see how the Sport and Recreation Facility will accommodate:

  • 5 indoor multi-sport courts

  • 4 outdoor multi-courts/tennis courts

  • Gymnasium

  • 3 flexible program rooms

  • Separate meeting rooms

  • Golf and/or tennis pro shop

  • Presentation stage and reception

  • A food and beverage offering

  • Multiple indoor and outdoor change room facilities and toilets; and

  • Large carpark for participants and visitors.




 The final version of the Sport and Recreation Facility brings to life close to 10 years of concept planning, incorporating input and feedback from community consultation and Council workshops, qualified design consultants, leading industry specialists and operators as well as local sporting and community groups.

The design reflects three phases of concept development and input which began with a scope brief developed in consultation with the Recreation Precinct Liaison Committee. Following this, in 2018 an Expressions of Interest (EOI) to potential operators took place and in 2020 Council asked for the community's feedback on the concepts that were developed from submissions received during the EOI response phase. The feedback from the community consultation and further stakeholder engagement led to the final design being refined in March/April 2021.

As part of the Development Application process, the relevant design and planning documents were on public exhibition until​ 30 June 2021 (this DA exhibition period was twice as long as a standard exhibition). The application will be assessed by an independent consultant town ​planner who will prepare a report on the application for consideration and determination by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

Council can confirm that the new facility is being built on the existing car park and tennis courts with two of the new outdoor multi-courts extending onto the first tee of the golf course. The Community Panel recently shared their community vision for the remaining outdoor space on the site which is in excess of 80,000 square metres. Council informed the Panel at their first session that the zoning of the site must stay – it must remain open space and likewise the bushland area has to be retained as is. You can find out more about the Panel process online. The Panel's vision is being reported to the July Council meeting.

As part of the Development Application Council has identified that 156 trees will be planted following the removal of 80 trees on-site.​​

The preparation of a Development Application represents a significant milestone for Council and the community as the planning determination will underpin the future of the Sport and Recreation Facility within Lane Cove.

Council plays an important role in providing community-based sport and leisure opportunities within the local government area. Council's priority is to create opportunities that support increased participation, social inclusion and interaction while promoting health and wellness that benefits the broader community. 

The proposed facility will provide people with access to a range of health, fitness and leisure opportunities that will further support the community's wellbeing. Council has identified a number of ways in which the facility helps to contribute to its vision for Lane Cove to be a healthy and active community, including:

  • Delivering a fit-for-purpose integrated indoor and outdoor sport and recreation facility for the community, now and for the future
  • Providing the wider community with more opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation, with improved health outcomes, through a range of contemporary fitness and wellbeing activities including exercise for seniors; the health conscious; students and social groups; as well as programmed competitive and social activities within a vibrant and dynamic community hub.
  • Utilising universal design principles to overcoming the constraints of physical accessibility so that the entire facility is usable by all people to the greatest extent possible;

  • Supporting significant economic benefits of:
    • job creation, through the project construction phase and subsequent Centre operation;
    • retention of local income (expenditure associated with sporting activities within the LGA); and
    • attraction of additional regional income (generated by new and additional events, visitor spend and increased community usage);
  • Adopting design principles linked to industry best practice and trends, to include commercial elements within the Centre offsetting operational costs;
  • Providing both a competitive and training base to attract elite teams and individuals, including supporting associated program space;
  • Providing a family-friendly environment to promote, attract and retain junior participation and increase opportunities for sport (generally) and talent development pathways.
  • Providing a diverse range of contemporary activities which attract a larger proportion of the community as an enabler to increased social engagement;
  • Providing a long-term, inter-generational legacy for sports and community recreation for the local area and broader region.
  • Providing opportunities to improve visitation to the golf course 
  • Addressing strategic aims of Lane Cove Council, linked to identified community aspirations and community engagement initiatives.

Council sees the Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Precinct as aligning with Council's Strategic Plan and its vision for 2035: "Lane Cove will have a healthy and active community. Organised sport will continue to play an important role, along with new opportunities for leisure and for lifelong learning. Lane Cove will make the most of its natural environment and open space in encouraging outdoor activity and improved health and wellbeing."

The community is reminded that the Sport and Recreation Precinct is proposed for the curtilage of the Lane Cove Golf Course. The future use of the outdoor open space at Lane Cove Golf Course is being considered separately as part of Council's current Community Panel process. Find out more.

Bob Campbell Oval

​Bob Campbell Oval and the Draft Masterplan.

If you would like to stay updated about the latest on Bob Campbell Oval, please provide us with your email address.

February 2023

The revised Masterplan was adopted at the Council meeting on 23 February, 2023.

As listed in the Proposed Delivery Program, Council will proceed with the procurement for a consultant to carry out detail design and specification, as well as a separate procurement process of a consultant to write the natural turf specification.  These documents will be compiled to form the tender documentation. 

December 2022

As part of the reports undertaken for the Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan, Council engaged an arborist for a tree risk assessment. A recommendation was that 6 trees at the top of the cliff face needed to be pruned for public safety. Council engaged a contractor to carry out these works in December. It will take just one day, weather dependent. The nearby open space and playground will remain accessible, with the exclusion zone in the area immediately around the works. Signage will be in place. 

October 2022

At the October Council Meeting, it was resolved to put the Draft Master Plan out for feedback and community consultation for six weeks. This will include details on the trees and vegetation required to be removed and new plantings. Visit the consultation page now to view the draft plan and leave your comments. 

Read the October meeting minutes. 

Following the exhibition period, the draft masterplan for Bob Campbell Oval, together with a report on any submissions received and any proposed amendments, will be considered at the February 2023 Council meeting.

August 2022

Council held its third community stakeholder workshop where the group provided their final round of feedback to assist the consultant in finalising the Draft Master Plan for Bob Campbell Oval. The consultant will now finalise the draft plan which will be reported to a future Council meeting and be followed by community consultation.

Please note that the cliff stabilisation works taking place on-site need to take place irrespective of the Master Plan.


July 2022

Taylor Brammer is continuing further design investigation based on the feedback from the second workshop.

Cliff stabilisation works will be completed when weather permits. 

June 2022

This month the second community stakeholder workshop was carried out by Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects to discuss design options for Bob Campbell Oval. These options were discussed in depth. Based on feedback from workshop further design investigation will take place to refine the design before finalising the Master Plan.

Stabilisation of the western cliff face will commence this month which involves removing and/or securing rock.  

April 2022

Council recently held its first community stakeholder workshop to develop the new Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan. It was a great opportunity to get all the stakeholders in the same room to hear the wide range of wants and needs for this shared space. The landscape architect is analysing the feedback and the history of the space to develop a draft Master Plan which will be presented to the group for further development.

March 2022

A Part 5 Application has been completed as required under the EP&A Act to undertake cliff stabilisation works at Bob Campbell Oval. Council will engage a contractor to undertake the stabilisation works.

24 February 2022

As per Council's resolution of 24 January 2022 Council resolved to cease works on the previous Master Plan which included a synthetic sports field. The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the previous Master Plan was completed prior to the 24 January resolution and is available to view online.

Although the synthetic field will not proceed this REF contains geotechnical stabilisation works for the cliff in the reserve which are essential works for public safety. As per Council's resolution of 21 February 2022 Council will be using a portion of the REF to gain approval under Part 5 of the EP&A Act to undertake the cliff stabilisation works. Once approval has been granted Council will engage a contractor to undertake the stabilisation works. 

You can view the Agenda and minutes of the 21 February Council Meeting online.

25 January 2022

The minutes from Council's Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 24 January are now available to view online.

January 2022

Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 24 January 2022 with a notice of motion for the 'Revision of Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan and actions consequent upon this revision'.    

The Agenda of the meeting is now available to view on Council's website and you can find out how to register to speak in the public forum by visiting the Meeting Information page.

The meeting will be livestreamed on Council's website from 7:00pm.

October 2021

Council has entered into a contract for construction of Stage 1 works which is subject to obtaining approval for the work and provides for Council to comply with the outcome of current review by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment into synthetic fields.

Council is proposing to utilise synthetic grass to provide the maximum playing capacity for the sportsfield. Lane Cove’s population has grown by more than 16% in recent years without any additional sportsfields being provided. All Northern Sydney councils agree this is the best way to address a lack of sportsfields due to population growth.

The actual field will be the most environmentally friendly in Australia. It features:-

  • No loose material (eg no black rubber) that can escape into the environment.
  • The plastic utilised is compliant with EU standards for use in plastic toys.
  • All materials are 100% recyclable.
  • All drainage systems include sumps for separation of solids.

Subject to the necessary approvals, Council will develop a construction program that is sensitive to community access to open space during COVID-19 and will see completion of Stage 1 by mid-2022.

September 2021

Council's 2018 – 2021 Delivery Program and Operational Plan included an action to develop a synthetic playing surface at Bob Campbell Oval amongst other improvements to the open space. A Masterplan for proposed improvement works was prepared which the subject to community feedback between 17 September and 1 November 2020.  On 16 November 2020 at an Ordinary Council meeting, Councillors endorsed the Bob Campbell Oval Masterplan for the upgrading of existing sportsfield.

Council has entered into a contract with Synergy Turf for construction of Stage 1 of the Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan. The contract includes conditions that allow Council to cancel the contract in the event Council does not obtain approval for the work and/or the current review by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment into Synthetic Fields requires the contract to be cancelled.  

Council engaged O'Connor Marsden (OCM) to prepare a Probity Plan for the approval process which is now available.

In summary, the approval process has the following steps, noting that Step 1 has commenced. As each step is completed the website will be updated to show the status.

  1. A new multi-disciplinary consultant will prepare a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) based on the actual products and design proposed under the contract, including a Remediation Action Plan. [Commenced]
  2. On completion of the REF, Council will publish it on this website.
  3. A consultant town planner will prepare a Part 5 (of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPA Act)) Assessment report with recommendation based on the REF and any other necessary documents.
  4. On completion of the Part 5 Assessment Report, Council will publish it on this website.
  5. Counsel will review the Assessment report and provide an opinion to as to whether the REF and Part 5 Assessment meets legislative requirements under the EPA Act.
  6. Council's Executive Manager - Environmental Services will determine the Application.
  7. Following determination of the Application a report on the outcome will be provided to the next Ordinary Council meeting.

In relation to timing for the steps and the project overall, subject to the necessary approvals, Council has committed to not commence works in September 2021. Council is sensitive to programming work having regard to community access to open space during COVID-19. A revised program of works has not yet been determined.

August 2021

The Contract for Construction and Installation of Synthetic Sports Field and associated infrastructure at Bob Campbell Oval was reported to the 16 August meeting. View the 16 August Council Agenda (supplementary report) and Minutes.

The tender for Construction and Installation of “Synthetic Sports Field and Associated Infrastructure at Bob Campbell Oval" was considered at an Extraordinary Council meeting on 2 August. View the 2 August Council Agenda and Minutes.

22 July 2021

Consideration of the tender for Construction and Installation of “Synthetic Sports Field and Associated Infrastructure at Bob Campbell Oval” has been postponed to an Extraordinary Council meeting on 2 August 2021. View the 19 July Council Minutes.

July 2021

The 19 July 2021 Council meeting includes items relating to Bob Campbell Oval. View the Agenda online. The Bob Campbell Oval Council Report includes an attachment which is an addendum to the REF in regard to further clarification of terminology and additional information on leachates and microplastics.

Council has revoked the Part 5 assessment and approval for the Redevelopment of Bob Campbell Oval​. Council's attention was drawn to the REF's requirement for a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) to be developed for consideration as part of the Part 5 Assessment. This RAP was not produced, but was scheduled to be prepared prior to commencement of construction.  On this basis for avoidance of doubt in process, Council has revoked the Part 5 Approval​ and will prepare a RAP and review the original REF, prior to making a fresh decision on whether or not to approve the carrying out of the redevelopment of Bob Campbell Oval.

June 2021

The Part 5 Asse​ssm​ent under the Environmental Planning Assessment Act (1979) has been completed. Landscape Documentation is also now available.

May 2021

Council has commissioned a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the Bob Campbell Oval Project. A copy of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is now available. An addendum to the REF is available in regard to further clarification of terminology and additional information on leachates and microplastics.

This document has been prepared as part of the next stage of the approval process under the Infrastructure SEPP (2007) which applies to this project.

The REF will form part of a Part 5 Assessment under the Environmental Planning Assessment Act (1979). The document should be read in full.

Council will provide the community with an update once the Part 5 Assessment has been completed.  

March 2021

Council has outsourced the provision of both a topographical land survey and existing tree information as part of the Bob Campbell Redevelopment Masterplan. The resulting Tree Inspection Schedule and corresponding Tree Location Survey are now available to view online.

A Notice of Rescission was put forward to Council at the 15 March meeting to rescind Item 1 (Council receive and endorse the revised Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan) of resolution 183 of the Council meeting 16 November 2020. The Motion was lost - view the Minutes of the meeting.

Council is currently working on design detail for the Master Plan. Relevant reports for this project will be available from this page of Council's website for public once received by Council.

February 2021

Construction of a new Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) at the corner of St Vincents Road and Gore Street will commence on Monday 22 February. It's scheduled to take approximately five weeks to complete.

January 2021

To avoid any potential conflict with the hosting of the Greenwich Games (anticipated in December 2021), Council has deferred construction commencing until January 2022 with completion proposed for December 2022.

However, Council will commence the construction of the Shared User Path (SUP) earlier than previously anticipated with contractors engaged by mid-2021 and expected to be completed in December 2021.

November 2020

Council considered a report at its meeting of 16 November 2020 following community consultation throughout September and October.

To view the minutes from the meeting, please view the Council Minutes for November.

20 October 2020

The consultation period has been extended and will now finish on 1 November 2020.

Find out more on the Have Your Say page for Bob Campbell Oval.

September 2020

Consultation is now underway via Council's Have Your Say section until Thursday 29 October 2020 (amended to 1 November).

Council's Open Space Plan identifies the need to increase the capacity and use of open space assets through investment, innovation and good design. To help improve the use of Bob Campbell Oval, Greenwich, Council has prepared a Draft Masterplan which demonstrates how a range of features could be included on the site. Council's 2008 Recreation Action Plan was developed to identify existing gaps in sports infrastructure and planned for increased capacity as a result of increased participation in sport. It recommended that Council investigate the option of a synthetic field at Blackman Park or Bob Campbell Oval, along with upgraded cricket wickets and improved lighting. The Blackman Park upgrades were ultimately completed in 2014.

The 2014 NSROC Regional Sportsground Strategy which covered the LGAs of Hornsby, Hunter's Hill, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Ryde and Willoughby, identified that demand for sportsfields would far outweigh supply in coming years even with all existing fields converting to synthetic to allow higher usage. This report identified Bob Campbell Oval as a potential synthetic field location.

Council's 2018-2021 Delivery Program and Operation Plan included an action to develop a synthetic playing surface at Bob Campbell Oval including consideration of the provision of walkways, off-leash areas and amenities/car parks.

Council has been successful in securing funds for the upgrade to the oval and surrounding park area through state funding from NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment.

We are now seeking feedback on the Masterplan which includes the following:

  • New synthetic field to accommodate Soccer (90m x 50m) and Cricket
  • Existing Bushland
  • New fitness track approx. 400m in length
  • Enclosed off-leash dog areas
  • New amenities building
  • Approx. 50 space car park
  • Link to existing bush track
  • New native vegetation area
  • Existing aquaduct
  • New playground and fitness equipment
  • New BBQ picnic area
  • Existing vehicular access road and shared user access path
  • New shared user path (SUP)
  • New upgraded lighting for field
  • New Netball training court for off-peak times
  • Perimeter fence

To assist with the consultation, Council has prepared Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), along with a number of background documents and will also host two community drop-in information sessions.

To allow the community to understand the scale of the enclosed field, the area of the synthetic sportsfield has been marked on the existing oval (as close as practical) including the off-leash dog areas during this consultation period.

Have Your Say

To have your say please visit the Have Your Say section of Council's website to review the background information and complete the online survey.

The Have Your Say page also includes details on dates/RSVP process for the drop-in sessions and how to make a submission to the General Manager regarding the Masterplan.

Written submissions close 5:00pm Sunday 1 November 2020 (originally Thursday 29 October 2020).

Consultation has now closed.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government.


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Parking in Lane Cove

Discover more about parking in Lane Cove, including early bird parking, how to check and pay online and what to do and who to contact if you've been issued a fine.

Ticketless Parking

Lane Cove Village

Council operates three ticketless car parks within Lane Cove Village, providing more than 1,000 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.

Each of these car parks provides up to 3 hours' free parking with 1 hour express parking on P1 of The Canopy. Parking is free for entry after 6:00pm. Time will accumulate if you re-enter the same car park within an hour of leaving however the car parks are not linked so you can move between different car parks.

The map below provides details on a range of parking options in Lane Cove village.

St Leonards

Council operates the St Leonards ticketless car park, providing more than 300 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.

This car park provides up to 2 hours' free parking. Parking is free for entry after 6:00pm. Time will accumulate if you re-enter the same car park within an hour of leaving.

Early Bird Parking

Early Bird Parking is available on P4 at The Canopy for visitors who enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm at a cost of $7.50.

Check and Pay Online

Did you know you have three days to check whether you need to pay at Market Square or The Canopy car parks?

If you have exited without paying and aren’t sure if you have overstayed, you can visit to check.

Simply enter your licence plate details and any outstanding fees for the past three days will be displayed. You can then pay online and avoid receiving a fine.

Parking rates

Little Street, Market Square and The Canopy Car Parks:

  • 1st hour after free period $7.00

  • 2nd hour after free period $17.00

  • 3rd hour after free period $24.00

  • +4 hours after free period $45.00

Entry after 6:00pm is free.

The Canopy Early Bird parking (enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm) is $7.50.

St Leonards

  • 1st hour after free period $16.50

  • 2nd hour after free period $22.00

  • 3rd hour after free period $27.50

  • +4 hours after free period $45.00

Entry after 6:00pm is free.

Seniors and Mobility Parking Scheme

Council runs a Seniors Parking Permit Scheme. To be eligible for a free two year Seniors Parking Permit, recipients must be a Lane Cove resident; over 67 years of age; and hold a current drivers licence. Seniors Parking Permits must be displayed when parking in designated Seniors spaces within Council car parks. Apply for a Seniors Parking Permit.

Mobility Parking permits are administered by Service NSW. For details of locations of Mobility Parking in Lane Cove village, please refer to the map below. Find out more and apply for a Mobility Parking permit.

Electric Vehicles

Council provides access to 19 free electric vehicle charging stations in Lane Cove:

  • Six at The Canopy (P3)

  • Four in Little Street (P4)

  • Five at Market Square Car Park (P2)

  • Four at St Leonards Car Park (B2)

Two on demand "fast" EV charging points are located on P2 of The Canopy and two are located on B2 of St Leonards, which require customers to download the Evie App before use. These paid fast chargers are 10 times faster than Council's other free units, providing greater convenience.

You can receive free charging and only pay (for parking) for a stay exceeding 3 hours at the Little Street and Market Square car parks and on P3 of The Canopy.

You can receive free charging and only pay (for parking) for a stay exceeding 2 hours at the St Leonards car park.

Business Parking Permits

Do you work locally? Are you looking for an affordable parking option, seven days a week?

Council’s business parking permit scheme provides use of P4 at The Canopy car park, and Market Square and Little Street car parks for a rate of $1,800 per annum. Spaces are limited.

Find out more and apply for your business parking permit online.

Lane Cove Shopping Precinct: Parking Map

Village Parking map.jpg 

Please click on the image to enlarge the map. 

Please note a portion of spaces in the Civic Centre Car Park (48 Longueville Road) is a restricted parking zone (no parking between 6:00am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday). All spaces in the car park are available outside of these times.

Who to contact if you’ve been issued a parking fine

If you believe you've been issued an infringement notice by mistake or you'd like to contest a fine, please find information below about requesting a review through Revenue NSW. Revenue NSW process fines and fees for local councils, NSW Police Force and various other authorities.

To discuss your fine please contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118. Alternatively, you can find information and manage your fine on Revenue NSW's website:

What you can do on the Revenue NSW website:

If you've been issued a fine in NSW, you'll find the information you need, including:

  • How to pay a fine or fee
  • How to request a review of a fine (reviews are forwarded to Council for investigation)
  • How to check the status of a review
  • What happens if you don't pay a fine
  • What you must do to have your matter heard in court
  • What you can do if you're experiencing financial hardship and can't pay a fine.

What if someone else was responsible for the offence?

If you've received a fine but weren't responsible for the offence, you can transfer the fine to the person who was at fault when you weren't driving the vehicle when the offence happened or you sold the vehicle before the date of the offence.

You can also nominate the responsible person online using myPenalty

If you are responsible for an offence but are not the person named on the fine, you can nominate yourself by contacting Revenue NSW.

Difficulty with paying your fine:

If you can't afford to pay in full by the due date you can set up a payment plan if you need more time to pay. You should contact Revenue NSW before the penalty reminder due date to set up a payment plan.

Revenue NSW also offer other options if you are experiencing serious financial, medical or other personal problems. Find out more about:

  • What to do if you are having difficulty with payment

  • How to ask someone to talk to us about your situation

  • Whether you might be eligible for a work and development order (WDO)

  • Eligibility for a 50 per cent reduction in fine amount.

Loading Zones

Vehicles allowed in loading zones:
  • A public bus dropping off, or picking up, passengers

  • A truck that is dropping off, or picking up goods

  • A vehicle that a person is getting into or out of 

  • A vehicle constructed to move goods

You may stay for 30 minutes unless picking up or dropping off passengers. 

Find out more about who can access a loading zone.

Blackman Park Update

Skate Park - April 2023

  • At the 20 April 2023 Council meeting, Councillors endorsed the final concept design and we'll now move to the tender phase. Any lighting will be best practice low-spill lighting to reduce impact on bush fauna, and minimise light pollution.

  • We hope construction will start later this year.

  • Here's an idea of what the skatepark could look like:

Skate Park_final design_6.JPG

Skate Park_final design_2.JPG

Dog Park

  • The dog park at Blackman Park has reopened! Our furry friends enjoyed their first visit back to the park on Friday 24 March. 


November - December 2022

Sportsfield lighting upgrade: works complete

Skate Park:

  • Councils consultant Convic hosted two pre-design workshops. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

  • Draft concept plans will be ready for community consultation early 2023. 

3x3 Basketball Court: works complete

Dog Park
  • Following the sink hole, rehabilitation is scheduled to commence in January. There'll be new turf and lights

October 2022

Works to install new poles and energy efficient LED lighting begin Monday, 24 October at Blackman Park. You may notice Council contractors wearing hazmat suits with respirators. This safety gear is Australian standard when drilling holes for the light poles, in case contaminants are found in the soil. Our contractors will also have an air monitor in place. It’s been assessed as low risk, however, the suits and monitoring are in place, just in case.  

Here’s how the works could impact you:

Runners / dog walkers:

You’re free to use the oval when it’s not booked by sporting clubs, however, some areas will be roped off. Look for signage and follow the direction of staff if you’re asked to avoid an area. Keep your dog on a lead so they don’t interrupt works.

Sports clubs:

If you’ve book the space for training or games, you can still continue to use the oval. Part of the oval will be roped off around the work space where the poles are being installed, but this will be small sections. We’re keeping this work space to a minimum to reduce the impact on sports clubs. The roped off areas will move as the work to install poles progresses.

Dog park:

After the oval lights are installed, we’ll start work on the dog park refurbishment, which also includes new lighting. We aim to have this finished by the end of the year – weather permitting!

Skate park:

The skate park area of Blackman Park will be extended. This is in the early planning stages, with two community workshops held in October to inform the planning and design.  

July 2022

The reconstruction of the stormwater pit is now complete however there's still work to be done before everything is back to normal.

Now that the pit is complete, we can start to restore connections and finish remedial works - weather permitting.

For dog owners looking to make use of the dog park, please note that there are two sections to the dog park. One section has temporary fencing in place which doesn't run all the way to the ground and so is not suitable for smaller dogs. If you do visit the dog park area, please take note of the on-site signage to make sure you and your pets are safe while we work to finalise the site.

It is expected to be some time before turf is able to be laid and bring the area back to its earlier condition - the most recent wet weather has further compounded our earlier reports that turf supply has been impacted by the floods.

20 May 2022

Currently the pit has been installed all the way up to the ground level and back filled. Shoring boxes have been removed. 

​6 May 2022

The repairs to the stormwater line at the bottom of the hole at Blackman Park have now been completed and our contractor is reconstructing the stormwater pit and working their way out of the hole.

We anticipate the works around the hole to be completed within the next four weeks subject to wet weather.

Once works are complete, the cricket nets and basketball court will be reopened – these were closed due to safety concerns including people retrieving balls from the works zone.

Unfortunately due to the flood conditions experienced in the Hawkesbury region there is no turf available in NSW until Spring which means that while the Dog Park will be reopened, it will be unable to be returfed until Spring. 



266 Longueville Road

Latest Update

The assignment of the lease has been executed on behalf of Council under the General Manager’s delegation as noted in the minutes of the May Council meeting.

Council has prepared Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the lease.

May 2022 Update 

A Supplementary Agenda Item was released for the May Council meeting that relates to the long term lease of 266 Longueville Road.

To view a copy of the report to the May meeting, please visit Council’s Meeting Agenda and Minutes section of the website.  

If you would like to view the Council meeting please visit our Webcast page. Minutes are also available to view on Council's website.

March 2022 Update

At the Council Meeting of 21 March 2022 Council considered an Update on the Long Term Lease of 266 Longueville Road to Design, Construct and Operate a Seniors Living Village.

Council resolved the motion of Councillor's Flood and Kennedy that Australian Unity be advised that Council:-

  1. Does not agree to vary the Lease and Agreements For Lease terms;

  2. Expects Australian Unity to meet its legal obligations;

  3. Authorise the General Manager to write to Australian Unity on a without prejudice basis to explain Council's legal position and seeking to resolve the dispute; and

  4. Authorise the General Manager and Mayor to determine an outcome acceptable to Council in respect of the dispute resolution processes and advise councillors of the proposal prior to finalisation.

266 Longueville Road, Lane Cove. DA117/2017


Overview and Status


The site comprises three parcels of land described as Lot 1 in DP 321353, Lot 1 in DP 1227921 and Lot 2 in DP 1227921 known as 266 Longueville Road, lane Cove.




Source: Statement of Environmental Effects


The original proposal comprises 70 residential aged care beds, 90 independent living units (self-contained dwellings), associated facilities, new landscape works, car parking for 137 vehicles and site embellishments. The application was notified extensively. A public information meeting was held on 20 September 2017 as part of public consultation.


The proposal was assessed by an independent external consultant and presented to the Sydney North Planning Panel at its public meeting held on 11 July 2018 for determination.


The Panel deferred determination and requested the applicant make amendments to the development and provide additional information.


The notice of determination is available on Council’s website here. [LIV please create link here to doc 29593/19]


A number of time extensions were requested by the Applicant and granted by the Panel to fully address the issues raised.


The applicant has now amended the proposed development and provided additional information on 24 April 2019.


The amendments to the proposal also include the following:

  • increase in setback on the southern boundary by 1m while creating a 2m landscape strip towards Timber Tops.


The additional information submitted include the following:

  • detailed site investigated under SEPP55,

  • peer review of traffic assessment,

  • assessment of ecological impacts,

  • assessment of visual impacts from the golf course,

  • information relating to site compatibility certificate

  • Gross Floor Area & Floor Space Ratio calculations.


All information submitted by the applicant is available on Council’s website. Due to the unprecedented amount of documents associated with the Development Application for 266 Longueville Road (DA117/2017), the documents relating to the Original Application (submitted in August 2017) can be viewed in this document and the documents relating to the Amended Application (submitted in April 2019) can be found on this webpage. Please note that some information is relevant to the original and the amended proposal.


The amended proposal in now under assessment by the independent consultant who will in due course be preparing a supplementary report for the consideration by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

Development Application Determination

The Development Application for 266 Longueville Road (DA117/2017),  was considered in a public meeting by the Sydney North Planning Panel in September 2021.

The application has been determined by the granting of an approval and the statement of reasons dated 6 September 2021 is now available to view on the Sydney North Planning Panel website.


The site comprises three parcels of land described as Lot 1 in DP 321353, Lot 1 in DP 1227921 and Lot 2 in DP 1227921 known as 266 Longueville Road, Lane Cove.


Source: Statement of Environmental Effects

The original proposal comprises 70 residential aged care beds, 90 independent living units (self-contained dwellings), associated facilities, new landscape works, car parking for 137 vehicles and site embellishments. The application was notified extensively. A public information meeting was held on 20 September 2017 as part of public consultation.

The proposal was assessed by an independent external consultant and presented to the Sydney North Planning Panel at its public meeting held on 11 July 2018 for determination.

The Panel deferred determination and requested the Applicant make amendments to the development and provide additional information.

The notice of determination is available on Council's website.

A number of time extensions were requested by the Applicant and granted by the Panel to fully address the issues raised.

The Applicant amended the proposed development and provided additional information on 24 April 2019.

The amendments to the proposal also include the following:

  • increase in setback on the southern boundary by 1m while creating a 2m landscape strip towards Timber Tops.

 The additional information submitted includes the following:

  • detailed site investigated under SEPP55,
  • peer review of traffic assessment,
  • assessment of ecological impacts,
  • assessment of visual impacts from the golf course,
  • information relating to site compatibility certificate
  • Gross Floor Area & Floor Space Ratio calculations.

All information submitted by the applicant is available on Council's website.

Due to the unprecedented amount of documents associated with the Development Application for 266 Longueville Road (DA117/2017), the documents relating to the Original Application (submitted in August 2017) can be viewed in this document and the documents relating to the Amended Application (submitted in April 2019) can be found on this webpage. Please note that some information is relevant to the original and the amended proposal.

A supplementary report was prepared by an independent external consultant. The report and supporting documents are available on Council's website and the Sydney North Planning Panel website.

Keep our levies local

November 2021 Update

At its November meeting Council outlined the very recent changes in response to widespread advocacy by local government in relation to the infrastructure contributions reform. 

Council has continued to work with Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC), Local Government NSW (LGNSW) and other metropolitan councils through the Roundtable of Sydney Mayors and General Managers/CEOs. As part of the November report Council highlighted the following recent developments:

25 October 2021

NSW Government progressed the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2021.

28 October 2021

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) released a suite of documents on Infrastructure Contributions for public exhibition.

29 October 2021

IPART released reports on infrastructure contributions, in particular the Essential Works List which dictates what council can levy for, for public exhibition.

You can read the full Council report online.

Council will make a submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal by 26 November 2021 and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment by 10 December 2021.A report will be provided to Council's February 2022 meeting.

Sydney metropolitan mayors stand up to State Government cash grab

16 September 2021

23 metropolitan councils have today launched a campaign demanding the NSW Government abandon its plan to divert local government funds into State revenue.

The NSW Government is attempting to take up to half of local government “developer contributions” – the money councils levy developers to help pay for local infrastructure such as playgrounds, sports fields, libraries and parks. NSW_LocalLevies.png

The councils have published an open letter in the Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph, to raise public awareness of the detrimental impact this levy change will have on their communities.

The councils argue that developer levies should be spent where they are raised to ensure new development is accompanied by appropriate investment in the surrounding area. You can read the letter further below.

Lane Cove Mayor Clr Pam Palmer has today said:

"With a growing population in our area, there is increased demand on our public amenities and public services. Currently there is a nexus between that new growth and developer contributions towards funding the extra demands placed on local infrastructure.  This relieves the burden for existing rate payers.  It benefits those new communities. And it makes sure that developers are creating liveable communities supported by appropriate infrastructure.

The existing system is not broken. Now the government is going to take these funds away from local communities.  These are funds that have helped us to improve our local shopping precinct, build a new outdoor pool, increase open space and which will fund a new indoor sports centre.

To ask us to not only accept the government's housing targets, but to also fund the supporting infrastructure that’s required is completely unfair”.

Here is the open letter addressed to the Premier today:

Dear Premier,

As you know, the NSW Government imposes housing targets onto local Councils to accommodate Sydney’s population growth.

And in turn, our communities rely on our Councils to deliver the essential facilities and infrastructure needed to support this growth, and make people’s lives and local environments better.

This infrastructure includes everything from roads and footpaths, to sports fields, parks and netball courts, to playgrounds, pools and libraries.

We can only deliver these facilities because we are able to collect contributions from property developers to help fund them.

However, the changes now being planned by the NSW Government will divert a large proportion of these developer contributions away from Councils and into a Treasury-controlled fund, with no clear accountability or transparency of how it will be spent.

And the Government is proposing Councils raise rates to make up the revenue we are losing.

This breaks the nexus between where contributions are made and where they are spent. This threatens the ability of every Council to deliver much-needed new community facilities, and transfers that burden onto our ratepayers.

Premier, you are forcing us to choose between cancelling projects and raising rates. And this is at a time of pandemic-induced financial hardship for many people in the state.

On behalf of our communities, we urge that you withdraw the changes currently before Parliament.


Modelling by the Centre for International Economics (CIE) estimates that the Infrastructure Contributions Bill (2021) would give the NSW Government an additional $793million per year in revenue (averaged over 20 years).

Local Councils will only be able to levy local development for “essential infrastructure” and will be left with shortfalls in funding for playgrounds, open space, sports and community facilities unless they raise rates. This transfers the cost of new Community infrastructure to support new development from the developers to ratepayers.

The 23 signatories are directing communities to visit to find out more, and to also voice their concern with local members of Parliament.

The signatories are: Bayside, Blacktown City, Blue Mountains, Burwood, Campbelltown, Canterbury Bankstown, City of Sydney, Cumberland, Hawkesbury, Hunter’s Hill, Inner West, Lane Cove, Liverpool, Mosman, North Sydney, Penrith, Randwick, Ryde, Strathfield, Sutherland Shire, Waverley, Willoughby and Woollahra.

Visit The Canopy

​The Canopy is home to a park with village green and children’s playground, performance stage, restaurant precinct, Coles and Aldi supermarkets and a 500-space underground car park.   

The Canopy is Lane Cove’s premier fine dining, food and beverage destination conveniently located within the busy Lane Cove village amongst the active high street commercial and retail precinct. 

The Canopy offers a unique environment for the community and retailers to converge within a purpose built facility that provides convenience and atmosphere for day and night trading and activities. Overlooking the manicured open green space, The Canopy offers an abundance of light and functional casual and formal dining options, with the added bonus of park activities for all ages and a purpose built stage for entertainment and events.

Visiting The Canopy

The Canopy is located in the heart of Lane Cove at 2 Rosenthal Avenue, Lane Cove.

The community park is located on ground level and Coles and ALDI are located on the lower ground floor. Access is via the lifts or travelators.

Access to the 500 car space underground car park is via the roundabout at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Rosenthal Avenue. 

Find out more about The Canopy.

Drone image.jpg 

New Pavilion

September 2022

​Council was recently joined by Federal Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, Member for Lane Cove, Anthony Roberts MP, and local sporting groups at the official opening of Lane Cove's newest community facility, Tantallon Oval Pavilion.  

The winning features of the fully accessible venue include: 

  • ​A 60kw solar PV system and two 101kWh lithium-ion batteries 

  • LED lighting for the Pavilion and Oval

  • 20,000 litre rainwater harvesting tanks to irrigate the Oval

  • A rain garden featuring native plants

  • BBQ area

  • Community meeting room

  • Kiosk

  • ​Change rooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Storage

  • Umpire room

  • Water station

  • Covered viewing area

  • Accessible ramp 

This project was jointly funded by the Australian Government, NSW Government, Lane Cove Council, Lane Cove Junior Rugby Union, Lane Cove Cricket Club and Lane Cove Tigers Junior Rugby League. 



2022 Update

Construction is progressing well to finalise the Tantallon Oval Pavilion.


Images of construction as at January 2022

The new Tantallon Oval playground was completed just prior to Christmas. The fully-fenced playground includes swings, a basket swing and new play unit with slippery dips.

2021 Update

Building works have commenced on the new Pavilion for Tantallon Oval.

Member for North Sydney, Trent Zimmerman MP and Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Pam Palmer were on hand at the oval on Wednesday 5 May to help mark the start of the new Pavilion project.

 Tantallon - Turning of the Sod with Sporting Clubs.JPG  Tantallon Oval May.jpg

Tantallon Oval Pavilion is being rebuilt to provide a brand new facility which will support the Lane Cove community and various sporting teams that use the popular Oval. 

The new Pavilion will have extensive sustainability features, be fully accessible with a ramp, and include:

  • A community meeting room

  • Toilets

  • Change rooms

  • A kiosk

  • Storage areas

  • An umpire room

  • A BBQ area

  • A water station

  • A covered viewing area of the Oval.

If you have any questions, please contact Council via email with the subject line “Tantallon Oval.”

View the plans. These latest plans were revised and finalised following on from consultation with the community and Clubs. 

The project involves $450,000 of funding from the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program and is jointly funded along with the NSW Government and Lane Cove Council with support from Lane Cove Junior Rugby Union, Lane Cove Junior Rugby League and Lane Cove Cricket Club.

Library to Your Door

For a small fee, residents can reserve items and have them delivered within three working days of the item being available.

Library To Your Door is available to residents within the Lane Cove Local Government Area and an unlimited number of items can be ordered for delivery.

How does Library to your Door work?

Your Library reservations can be delivered to your Lane Cove home or business address at a fee of $2.50 per item.

Login to the Library Catalogue using your Library card number and password.

Find the item you want and select the Reserve and Deliver button, then click to place reserve and accept charges.

Once you have selected all items you want to be delivered, click on the van icon on the top right of the screen and follow the payment prompts. On mobile devices, go to User Details - Pay Now.

When your reserves are ready, the items will be issued to you and will be delivered within three (3) working days.

To have items you have borrowed picked up from your Lane Cove home or business address, login to the online Library Catalogue using your Library card number and password. Select from your loans list and hit the 'Pickup' option. Complete the payment screen and items will be collected within three (3) working days of payment (Mon-Fri).

Library To Your Door does not offer refunds. Please contact Lane Cove Library on 9911 3634 or by email if you wish to discuss your delivery.

Delivery Service

  1. Library to your door is a prepaid delivery service for items reserved via the Lane Cove Library online catalogue.
  2. The service only delivers to home or business addresses in the Lane Cove Local Government area.
  3. A current adult library card must be used for this service.
  4. The delivery fee is $2.50 per item.
  5. Once the items are either located on the shelf or are returned by another borrower, they will be issued to your library card.
  6. Items will be delivered in a Library to Your Door branded bag within three (3) working days (Mon-Fri). Please use the bag for the pickup service or return it to the Library on your next visit.
  7. An unlimited number of items can be ordered for delivery.
  8. Library To Your Door does not offer refunds. Please contact Lane Cove Library on 9911 3634 or by email if you wish to discuss your delivery.

Pickup Service

  1. Items on loan can be picked up from a home or business address in the Lane Cove Local Government area.
  2. A current adult library card must be used for this service.
  3. The pickup fee is $1.00 per item.
  4. Items for pickup should be left under cover in a waterproof bag.
  5. Items for pickup will be collected within three (3) working days (Mon-Fri).
  6. Standard late fees apply.

Aged or incapacitated housebound Lane Cove residents can call the Library to register for the free Home Library Service.

Community Panel's Vision

​​​​​​​Community Panel provides its vision for outdoor space at Lane Cove Golf Course


Thank you to our local residents involved in the Community Panel

26 June Update

Golf Course Tour.jpgHere it is! A sincere thank you to the 35 residents who formed Lane Cove's first Community Panel. The Panel was made up of a representative sample of individuals to match the demographics of the Lane Cove community and were independently selected to consider an important brief on behalf of the community - you can find out more about the process of their selection below. The Community Panel process was facilitated by Mosaic Lab and Gauge Consulting.

Today the Panel finalised their report which considered the current Golf Course and addressed their remit "What is the best use of the outdoor areas on the site to meet our community needs now and in the future?". To help answer the remit, the Panel was given access to information and resources to help them with this activity as it evolved. This included a site visit, a range of background documents, guest speakers, reports, data and answers to a broad range of questions posed by the Panel. The end result is a report that includes an overarching vision for the site developed by the community, for the community. It is accompanied by a set of criteria that will be used to inform future decision making about uses on the outdoor areas of the Golf Course. The Panel's report will be presented to Council for its consideration at the 19 July 2021 Council meeting.

The Community Panel's vision is: 

"Lane Cove Golf Course provides an accessible, sustainable golf and greenspace for the current and evolving community to enjoy for generations to come"


The Panel's criteria to support this vision includes:

  • Evaluation and evolution of the Lane Cove Golf Course

  • Community inclusivity

  • Safe and fair co-existence of all activities

  • Proposal’s impact on broader community and wildlife

  • Preserve and protect the natural environment

  • Affordable to the community

  • Does the community benefit outweigh the operational cost?

  • Any substantial change to, or repurposing of, the site requires a detailed proposal and wide community consultation.

  • Recognise that this is Cameraygal Land

  • Future use should consider expanded, complementary and compatible uses of the green space in the absence of viable alternatives in local and neighbouring catchments.

The Panel's report includes a description and rationale for each of the above criteria.

The Community Panel's report was finalised and provided to Council today, Saturday 26 June 2021. 

Members of the community interested in the next steps can review the report to Council's July meeting scheduled for Monday 19 July. 

The Agenda for this meeting will be published on Thursday 15 July 2021 and can be viewed through Council's website. For details of the current arrangements for public forums at Council meetings, please visit Council's website. 

LCCVoxPops.pngHow did the Community Panel process work?

The Community Panel met on four occasions starting with a tour of the golf course and then facilitated sessions which included speakers, activities and reflections related to the group's remit. Along the way the group identified additional information they needed to help them with their deliberations. The group also exchanged information and ideas through a shared portal to connect and consider the remit in between and during sessions.

During the journey Panel members were encouraged to consider how the process was evolving and you can watch the Vox Pop video on the right to hear from panellists who were reflecting on the process at the halfway point at the end of Session 2.

Council also invited members of the public who were not part of the Panel to observe the process during each of the sessions. More than 20 people took up this opportunity and became Observers across the four sessions. 

Who is on the Panel? 

You can see from the below infographic that the Panel representation aligns with the demographics of Lane Cove: 

Lane Cove Council - comparison infographic.png


In April Council sent a letter to all residents introducing the Community Panel process and providing notice that some households may receive a subsequent letter inviting them to express interest in being on the Panel. To make sure the selection process for the Panel was fully independent, Sortition Foundation was engaged to recruit a sample of individuals to match the broad demographics of the Lane Cove community. There was a terrific take up response from those invited to participate and the final members were then randomly selected. Council was not involved in the selection of individual panel members and was only introduced to the Panel at the first session.

Lane Cove Golf Course Aerial Photo 2021.jpgBackground to the establishment of a Community Panel

Over the past decade, Council has been exploring ways and means of meeting the sport, recreation, health and lifestyle needs of current and future residents.

Last year the community was asked to provide feedback on concept plans for a new Sport and Recreation Precinct on the curtilage of the current Lane Cove Golf Course.

The proposed facility includes indoor multi-sport courts, outdoor courts, a stage, program space, cafe and restaurant and car park. In response to positive feedback, Council agreed to continue with plans for this facility which sits on the land at the edge of the golf course, predominantly the current car park, clubhouse, tennis courts etc.

As part of that consultation process, Council had also proposed future options for the golf course including a driving range, putt-putt golf and the retention of a nine-hole golf course. In response, the community asked Council to consider all options for use of the open space at the golf course.

The golf course is the largest open space in the Lane Cove Council area, making the decision about its future use an important one. To help understand the community's views on the best use of the outdoor areas on the site to meet our community needs now and into the future, Council decided to pursue a 'deliberative democracy' process whereby a Community Panel was formed to deliberate about any future options for the use of the golf course.

What is a Community Panel?

A Community Panel is made up of an autonomous and independent group of everyday people who, similar to a court jury system, consider information and then reach a decision. The process is based on the International Association for Public Participation Australasia (IAP2A) framework which classifies this method as involve, a higher order of consultation than inform or consult, Council’s standard consultation approach. Mosaic Labs in facilitating the panel, ensure compliance with IAP2 Quality Assurance Standards.

St Leonards South

St Leonards South Finalised 

April 2022

At its Ordinary meeting of 19 April 2022, Council adopted the St Leonards South Section 7.11 Contributions Plan as an IPART reviewed contributions plan. 

This plan came into force on 20 April 2022 by being published on Council's website. 

The adopted site-specific & LGA-wide Plan are available to review online

December 2021

IPART has completed its assessment of the contributions that Lane Cove Council can levy developers in the St Leonards South precinct.

IPART's assessment ensures that developers pay the reasonable cost of providing local infrastructure required by new developments in the St Leonards South precinct.

Developers in the St Leonards South precinct would provide around $44 million to deliver a new local park, expansion of Newlands Park and pocket parks. A further $9 million will pay for stormwater and road upgrades.

IPART's main findings and recommendations were:

  • Council should investigate funding the new local park earlier in the development timeline, before incorporating changes in the next review of SLS CP in 3 years' time.
  • Remove the cost of shared paths which will be delivered via conditions of consent.

The Final Report on IPART's review of St Leonards South Precinct Section 7.11 Contributions Plan is available to view on IPART's website.

The Final Report is inclusive of:

April 2021

Council considered the post-consultation St Leonards South draft Section 7.11 Plan at its April 2021 meeting. The plan (including Appendix B - Detailed Cost Estimates Mitchell Brandtman Report from March 2021) has been forwarded to IPART for review and assessment. Visit the IPART website for the status of their assessment.

October 2020

The final Development Control Plan and Landscape Master Plan for St Leonards South were adopted by Council at the 19 October 2020 meeting and took effect from that date. Copies of the documents can be found below: 

September 2020 - Finalisation of St Leonards South Planning Proposal

The St Leonards South Planning Proposal (Planning Proposal 25) has been finalised by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, consistent with Council's resolution of 11 May 2020. This included a reduction in the height of buildings along Canberra Ave and Park Rd and will come into effect from 1 November, 2020. In the interim, the LEP wording and associated maps, including the incentive height of buildings map can be viewed on the LEPs Online website - Determination Documents tab.

The Gazetted LEP amendment reflects the height changes between the exhibited draft Incentive Height of Buildings Map and final Incentive Height of Buildings Map. The number of storeys permitted within the height controls is regulated in the Development Control Plan (DCP) for the area which is being updated to reflect the controls shown in Figure 13 included in the Supplementary Report adopted by Council. A consolidated DCP reflecting this as well as other amendments from the 11 May Council Meeting will be submitted to the October 2020 Council Meeting.

Please note: The recently finalised St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan shows a different diagram compared  to Figure 13. However, the DPIE has confirmed the finalised LEP overrides any such references within the St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan.

May 2020

On 11 May 2020, Council held an Extraordinary Meeting to respond to the State Government's Design Charrette, Independent Planning Commission advice and all submissions received during the public consultation process on St Leonards South.

Council resolved to amend the draft plans to reduce the overall density of the plan, increase the amount of open space and key worker housing and include other measures related to design guidance/excellence and sustainability. A further resolution was passed on 18 May 2020 to provide further clarification on some points. Please see the 'Council Agendas and Minutes' section for all details.

The next steps will be to forward the amended Planning Proposal to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment.

February 2020

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has released its Strategic Review of the St Leonards South Planning Proposal  which included a Charette (where experts were gathered to review the scheme)  conducted on 11 November, 2019.   The report concludes "Specifically, the planning proposal should be reviewed to consider:

1.  Creation of a new central park – the proposed open space should be relocated to sit centrally within the St Leonards South precinct in order to maximise opportunities with active and passive recreation and make effective use of strategically co-located community uses.

2.  Consolidation of public open space – pocket parks referenced at Holdsworth Avenue, Marshall Avenue and Berry Road should be consolidated into one central open space. This will maximise useability of open space for both passive and active recreation activities.

3.  Creation of new east-west links – an amended block layout should be explored with additional east-west links to establish a grid pattern in the precinct. This will achieve improved pedestrian permeability and activate public open space connections.

4.  Reorientation of density in the precinct – in order to maintain solar access to public open space, density should be reorientated to the north-east portion of the precinct.

5.  Minimising traffic movements – by minimising on-street parking, closing the intersection at Canberra Avenue and River Road, and introducing maximum car parking rates for the precinct. These measures will assist in delivering a pedestrianised environment reflective of the precinct's proximity to active transport.



November 2019

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has released the Terms of Reference for the strategic review of the St Leonards South Planning Proposal and announced the review included a a Charette (where experts were gathered to review the scheme) was conducted on 11 November, 2019.   Pariticipants inclusded the Government Architect, a representative of the Greater Sydney Commission  and a team of design and urban planning specialists. When complete it is intended that an outcome report will be produced and provided to Council in 2019.

October 2019

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has advised that they intend to release the timetable and terms of reference for the strategic review of the St Leonards South scheme by 25 October 2019. 

Two Planning Proposals lodged in the St Leonards South Precinct that have been refused by Council as they were inconsistent with the MasterPlan and Draft LEP amendment are subject to a Rezoning Review by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The Department has referred the Planning Proposals for advice from the Sydney North Planning Panel before consideration by the Gateway.  At this stage no public hearings will be occurring. At this stage the proposed dates the panel will consider the proposals are as follows:-

· 21-41 Holdsworth Ave and 18-32 Canberra Ave St Leonards - Wednesday 6 November 2019, 10.30am – 11.30am.

· 23-31 Holdsworth Avenue, 42-46 River Road and 24-34 Berry Road, St Leonards (East Quarter) and 26-36 Park Road and 27-39 Berry Road, St Leonards (West Quarter) – Wednesday 6 November 2019, 1pm – 2pm. 

September 2019

On 10 September, Council wrote to the Minister Stokes seeking his involvement to ensure the review is adequately resourced.

The General Manager has met with representatives of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to better understand the proposed process. At this stage the Department has set a 2 month indicative timeframe to undertake the strategic review of the scheme having regard to the IPC's advice. Once the review is complete, depending on the scale of change, community consultation would then be undertaken. At the conclusion of the consultation process Council will be in a position to consider such amendments in the finalisation of the Planning Proposal.

August 2019

Council at its meeting on Monday 19 August 2019 resolved that:

1. Council receive and note the advice of the Independent Planning Commission (IPC);

2. Council advise the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, that the NSW Government should review and respond to the IPC's advice and recommend that:-

a) Council participates in the process and provides all necessary information and resources as required;

b) In conducting the review, although it is appropriate for Council to participate, the findings should be delivered by the Government;

c) As a number of the issues raised by the IPC also apply to the remainder of the St Leonards / Crown Nest 2036 study area, the NSW Chief Planner be involved in the review in addition to the Government Architect; and

d) Dr Deborah Dearing from the Greater Sydney Commission also be included in the review; and

3. That the review also consider:-

a) Reducing the 41% growth target for Lane Cove to 2036 to a more realistic rate in line with neighbouring Councils such as Mosman (6%) and Hunters Hill (9%) rather than our larger neighbours (such as North Sydney 27%, Willoughby 21% and Ryde 45%);

b) Contributing to the provision of more open space in the St Leonards South precinct given that Council's proposed contribution through the draft Master Plan is already $30 million (over and above existing s7.11 contributions) and a higher amount will be needed to purchase more open space;

c) Overshadowing concerns, particularly facing River Road;

d) The need to provide accessible pathways for pedestrians and cyclists;

e) The need to provide local community facilities; and

f) The overall financial feasibility of the plan.


Council resolved to undertake a master planning process for the precinct in St Leonards bounded by the Pacific Highway to the north, the railway line to the east, River Road to the south and Greenwich Road to the west. Council officers developed a Brief for the St Leonards Strategy, to be undertaken in two parts:

  • Stage 1 Precinct Report; and
  • Stage 2 Growth Scenarios Report.

Stage 1 (2012 – 2014)

Consultants David Lock and Associates (DLA) were engaged to complete Stage 1 of the St Leonards Strategy. The Precinct Report includes:-

  • Consideration of the current State, metropolitan and local strategic planning context;
  • A summary of existing conditions such as land use, demographic profile, urban structure and built form, public domain and natural features, vehicular and pedestrian access and movement, and physical infrastructure;
  • A summary of the community consultation undertaken as part of Stage 1; and
  • An analysis of issues and opportunities for the precinct, including that the area "is well located for potential urban consolidation opportunities".

Community consultation was also undertaken as part of this process which included the establishment of a website and a Community Consultation report on Stage 1.

Stage 2 (2014 – 2015)

In response to technical and community feedback received through a series of community sessions and workshops, a Draft Master Plan and supporting documents were prepared by urban planning consultants and endorsed by Council on 8 December 2014 for public exhibition.

The Draft Plan discussed potential changes to the zoning and scale of areas in the precinct as well as the provision of community facilities, open space and other matters. It also discussed:-

  • Density Potential
  • Financial Viability
  • Sustainable Urban Design & Amenity
  • Infrastructure
  • Staging and Transition Management

These plans were publicly exhibited from December 2014 to May 2015 and Council held numerous information days, workshops, and drop-in sessions.

Details of Stage 2 (including Master Plan, community presentations and Council reports) are available on Council's website in the 'Have Your Say' section entitled St Leonards South Draft Master Plan.

Stage 3 (2015 – now)

On 13 July 2015 Council resolved to adopt the Draft St Leonards South Master Plan with the addition of the area up to Park Road east side, subject to the B3 Commercial Core zone west of Canberra Avenue remaining as currently zoned (see map below).

Image 2.jpg

The next phase of the planning process identified the exact location of public parks, community facilities, east-west links and roads– all to promote a liveable residential precinct. This involved translating the Master Plan into:

    • a draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) containing various legal mechanisms (zones; building heights; FSR; etc);
    • a draft Development Control Plan (setbacks; open space; transitions; parking; etc);
    • a draft Development Contributions Plan (which will include a suitable provision for Key Worker Housing;); and
    • a draft Landscape Master Plan (to be incorporated into the DCP).

Progress Report was presented to the 15 February 2016 Council meeting updating the status of the Draft LEP amendments and other documents.

Draft LEP Amendment No.25.

The Draft LEP amendments were submitted to NSW Department of Planning and Environment in February and May 2016. The Draft LEP amendments (Planning Proposal) was granted a conditional Gateway Determination in September 2016. Community Information Sessions were held in November 2016 to provide this update to owners and residents in the St Leonards South area – this was reported to the November 2016 Council meeting along with the presentation.

Council formally responded to the Gateway conditions in September 2017 and the other supporting documents were reported to the October 2017 Council meeting and endorsed for public exhibition. 

Draft LEP Amendments

The proposed LEP amendments for the St Leonards South Residential Precinct (bounded by Canberra Avenue, Marshall Avenue, Park Road and River Road) seek to:-

  • Increase the residential density of much of the site from R2 Low Density Residential to R4 High Density Residential
  • Increase the building height limits for the area from 9.5 metres to the various building heights
  • To amend the maximum permissible floor space ratio (FSR) for the area from 0.5/ 0.6:1 to various floor space ratios
  • Support the provision of public open space throughout the precinct commensurate with the planned intensity of development in St Leonards South
  • Support the provision of Community facilities throughout the precinct commensurate with the planned intensity of development in St Leonards South
  • Ensure landscape design within both the public and private domain is of a uniformly high standard
  • Support ease of pedestrian/ cycle circulation throughout the precinct
  • To support the provision of efficient traffic routes in St Leonards South


Consultation on the draft LEP amendments and other supporting studies ran from 30 October 2017 to 5 January 2018. Details of this consultation are available on Council's website in the 'Have Your Say' section entitled St Leonards South Residential Precinct Draft Plans. A copy of the submissions received during this consultation period is available.

The exhibition material included:-

  • A Planning Proposal which seeks to amend LEP 2009 to implement new site-specific planning controls (including zoning, building heights, floor space ratios, lot sizes and land reservation acquisition) which will control development in the St Leonards South Precinct. Ministerial delegation has not been issued to Council for this proposal.
  • A Draft Development Control Plan that details development controls for the precinct.
  • A Draft Landscape Master Plan that details designs for public and private domain areas and the overall streetscape.
  • A Draft Section 94 Contributions Plan that provides a means for funding local infrastructure required as a result of the new development.

    Other information and supporting documents, including Supplementary Design Report; Heritage Study; Cumulative Transport and Accessibility Study; Cumulative Traffic Study; St Leonards South Master Plan – December 2014; Independent Economic Review; HillPDA advice on Affordable Housing; S94 Open Space Contribution; and Community Facilities uplift.

Community Drop In Sessions were held throughout November and December 2017. Both these sessions involved the display of information panels outlining the scheme and staff were on hand to answer any questions.

To view all the exhibition material in full please see the Related Documents below.

Related Documents      

Other Supporting documents

Proposed LEP maps

Gateway Determination

Council Reports

  • Council Report – St Leonards South Master Plan - 13 July 2015 
  • Council Resolution – St Leonards South Master Plan - 13 July 2015 
  • Council Report – St Leonards South – Draft Development Control Plan, Draft Landscape Master Plan and Draft Section 94 Plan – 23 October 2017 
  • Council Resolution -  St Leonards South – Draft Development Control Plan, Draft Landscape Master Plan and Draft Section 94 Plan – 23 October 2017 

What happened next?

At its meeting held on the 19 March 2018, Council resolved to write to Minister Anthony Roberts MP to request:-

a.     An extension of time for Council to complete the St Leonards South Planning Proposal to allow for the public release and consideration of the St Leonards / Crows Nest Planned Precinct Draft Land Use Infrastructure and Implementation Plan; and

b.     Confirmation that if the Planning Proposal proceeds and given the recent rezonings in St Leonards east of the railway line, these rezonings satisfy Council's housing supply targets to 2026.

This was to allow the community and Councillors to understand and consider the Government's plans for the Precinct, particularly in relation to the provision of infrastructure, prior to further considering the Planning Proposal. Once this was released, two (2) additional community consultation sessions were to be organised to outline the plan to the community. A 12 month extension was subsequently granted.

Greater Sydney Commission

Council also  sought clarity and a commitment that if the St Leonards South Planning Proposal proceeds and given the recent rezonings in St Leonards east of the railway line, these rezonings will satisfy Council's housing supply targets to 2026. Council has received correspondence from the Greater Sydney Commission  which acknowledges, in two key sentences:-

"Based on Council's estimates of capacity created via planning strategies currently being considered and Council's 2009 LEP, the LGA has the potential to exceed a 6-10 year (2021-2026 target)......."

"In this regard we recognise that the additional capacity you are creating now through your local planning will be counted towards your achievement of a 10 year target."

Based on the letter and discussions with the Greater Sydney Commission, to bring this into effect Council can develop a 10 year Housing Strategy (as all councils are required to do once the target is known), based on the St Leonards East and South precincts only.

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