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Sport & Recreation Facility

​​Goal in sight for Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility

The next stage of the new Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Facility is now rolling with the concept design finalised ahead of its review by the Sydney North Planning Panel.


You can watch the video flyover​ to see how the Sport and Recreation Facility will accommodate:

  • 5 indoor multi-sport courts
  • 4 outdoor multi-courts/tennis courts
  • Gymnasium
  • 3 flexible program rooms
  • Separate meeting rooms
  • Golf and/or tennis pro shop
  • Presentation stage and reception
  • A food and beverage offering
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor change room facilities and toilets; and
  • Large carpark for participants and visitors.




 The final version of the Sport and Recreation Facility brings to life close to 10 years of concept planning, incorporating input and feedback from community consultation and Council workshops, qualified design consultants, leading industry specialists and operators as well as local sporting and community groups.

The design reflects three phases of concept development and input which began with a scope brief developed in consultation with the Recreation Precinct Liaison Committee. Following this, in 2018 an Expressions of Interest (EOI) to potential operators took place and in 2020 Council asked for the community's feedback on the concepts that were developed from submissions received during the EOI response phase. The feedback from the community consultation and further stakeholder engagement led to the final design being refined in March/April 2021.

As part of the Development Application process, the relevant design and planning documents were on public exhibition until​ 30 June 2021 (this DA exhibition period was twice as long as a standard exhibition). The application will be assessed by an independent consultant town ​planner who will prepare a report on the application for consideration and determination by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

Council can confirm that the new facility is being built on the existing car park and tennis courts with two of the new outdoor multi-courts extending onto the first tee of the golf course.The Community Panel recently shared their community vision for the remaining outdoor space on the site which is in excess of 80,000 square metres. Council informed the Panel at their first session that the zoning of the site must stay – it must remain open space and likewise the bushland area has to be retained as is. You can find out more about the Panel process online.The Panel's vision is being reported to the July Council meeting.

As part of the Development Application Council has identified that 156 trees will be planted following the removal of 80 trees on-site.​​

The preparation of a Development Application represents a significant milestone for Council and the community as the planning determination will underpin the future of the Sport and Recreation Facility within Lane Cove.

Council plays an important role in providing community-based sport and leisure opportunities within the local government area. Council's priority is to create opportunities that support increased participation, social inclusion and interaction while promoting health and wellness that benefits the broader community. 

The proposed facility will provide people with access to a range of health, fitness and leisure opportunities that will further support the community's wellbeing. Council has identified a number of ways in which the facility helps to contribute to its vision for Lane Cove to be a healthy and active community, including:

  • Delivering a fit-for-purpose integrated indoor and outdoor sport and recreation facility for the community, now and for the future
  • Providing the wider community with more opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation, with improved health outcomes, through a range of contemporary fitness and wellbeing activities including exercise for seniors; the health conscious; students and social groups; as well as programmed competitive and social activities within a vibrant and dynamic community hub.
  • Utilising universal design principles to overcoming the constraints of physical accessibility so that the entire facility is usable by all people to the greatest extent possible;

  • Supporting significant economic benefits of:
    • job creation, through the project construction phase and subsequent Centre operation;
    • retention of local income (expenditure associated with sporting activities within the LGA); and
    • attraction of additional regional income (generated by new and additional events, visitor spend and increased community usage);
  • Adopting design principles linked to industry best practice and trends, to include commercial elements within the Centre offsetting operational costs;
  • Providing both a competitive and training base to attract elite teams and individuals, including supporting associated program space;
  • Providing a family-friendly environment to promote, attract and retain junior participation and increase opportunities for sport (generally) and talent development pathways.
  • Providing a diverse range of contemporary activities which attract a larger proportion of the community as an enabler to increased social engagement;
  • Providing a long-term, inter-generational legacy for sports and community recreation for the local area and broader region.
  • Providing opportunities to improve visitation to the golf course 
  • Addressing strategic aims of Lane Cove Council, linked to identified community aspirations and community engagement initiatives.

Council sees the Lane Cove Sport and Recreation Precinct as aligning with Council's Strategic Plan and its vision for 2035: "Lane Cove will have a healthy and active community. Organised sport will continue to play an important role, along with new opportunities for leisure and for lifelong learning. Lane Cove will make the most of its natural environment and open space in encouraging outdoor activity and improved health and wellbeing."

The community is reminded that the Sport and Recreation Precinct is proposed for the curtilage of the Lane Cove Golf Course. The future use of the outdoor open space at Lane Cove Golf Course is being considered separately as part of Council's current Community Panel process. Find out more.