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Health Premises


Skin penetration businesses:

Council keeps a register of all premises that carry out skin penetration procedures.

Council's Environmental Health Officer will carry out inspections of these premises at any time to ensure that they are being operated and maintained in accordance with the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012.

What is a skin penetration business? 

Any business which carries out the following activities by people who are not registered as health professionals:

·        Body, nose and ear piercing;

·        Tattooing and cosmetic tattooing;

·        Semi-permanent make-up;

·        Colonic lavage;

·        Waxing and hair removal with tweezers;

·        Electrolysis;

·        Microdermabrasion;

·        Nail treatments (cuticle cutting and acrylic nail application);

·        Blackhead removal using a needle; and

·        Any other procedure that involves penetrating or removal of the skin or is prescribed by the Regulation

​Acupuncture businesses registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia are not considered as skin penetration businesses.

Skin penetration procedures not covered by the Public Health Act 2010, the Local Government Act 1993, or the regulations thereunder, include procedures carried out by, or carried out under the direct supervision of, a registered health professional such as a dentist, chiropractor, osteopath, pharmacist, physiotherapist, nurse or doctor. These professionals are governed by other legislation and infection control guidelines and are not regulated by Council.

All other skin penetration businesses must be registered with Council.

What is assessed during skin penetration inspections?

·        The skills and knowledge of staff to carry out procedures safely

·        The cleanliness of the premises and whether reusable equipment that penetrates the skin is sterilised adequately

·        Sterilisation records, and the maintenance and validation of the sterilisation equipment (if kept on the premises)

·        Whether the risk of cross-contamination is reduced by correct storage and handling of equipment and the wearing                 of single-use gloves (if required)

·        The design and condition of the premises, including surface finishes, washing facilities and the location of                               hand wash basins

·        The provision of sharps waste containers and safe waste disposal.

·        Whether there are any other public health risks related to the business activities

Hairdressers and Barbers:

The procedures carried out by barbers and hairdressers, where skin penetration is not intended and is not a deliberate part of the process are not considered to be skin penetration procedures and are not covered by the legislation.

The Local Government Act 1993 provides standards for hairdressers and beauty salons who do not perform skin penetration practices.

Registering your skin penetration business:

Skin Penetration Business Registration Form​

For further information contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 02 9911 3626.

​Fact Sheets:

Information about the Public Health legislation and resources such as fact sheets, posters and audit forms are available on the NSW Health Website