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Step 4: Obtain Information


The following information is provided to assist you when preparing a Development Application (DA).

Stage 1: Prepare a Concept Proposal

Be sure to think about design issues, remembering what surrounds the site and the objectives of controls and legislation identified in Step 3 of the DA Guide.

Stage 2: Talk with Your Neighbours

Council suggests you talk to your neighbours about your plans. This will help identify any issues they may have with your proposal at an early stage. Council will notify your neighbours about your proposal once you lodge your development application so it is best to consider how your proposal will affect them before preparing your final DA plans.

Stage 3: Consult with Council

Discussing your concept proposal before lodging your DA with Council is a good idea as it will assist in identifying any issues with your proposal before plans are finalised. Should you require further assistance, please call Council on 9911 3555 or email to speak to a Town Planner.

Once you have developed your proposal you may want to organise a pre-lodgement meeting with Council's Development Assessment Team. Council particularly recommends that a pre-lodgement meeting be held for large developments or for sites with specific constraints (e.g. ecological). An application can be made for a pre-lodgement meeting by completing the Pre-DA Form. The Pre-DA Form is available in Development Forms.

Stage 4 – Prepare your Development Application

Council encourages you to employ a professional designer to prepare your final DA plans. Employing a professional will generally produce a clearer design and should ensure that all the information required for DA plans is provided. Please remember that all plans must be drawn in ink, to scale and must contain all the information outlined in the DA Checklist. The DA Checklist is available in Development Forms.

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