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Online DA Lodgement


From 1 July 2020, Council will require all Development Applications, Section 4.55 Modification Applications and Section 8.2 Review Applications to be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

The NSW Planning Portal allows the electronic lodgement of your Application anywhere and anytime. To streamline online lodgement of your Application the following steps will need to be undertaken:

Confirm that a Development Application is Required

Review the Development Application Process and confirm a Development Application is required.

Complete the Development Application Checklist

Prepare the Development Application in accordance with the Online DA Checklist. The Online DA Checklist is available in Development Forms.

Lodge your Development Application

Lodge your Development Application via the NSW Planning Portal with the completed Online DA Checklist, the application plans and documents. Please see the below Christmas Notification Schedule for all new applications lodged and notified from Tuesday 8 December.

Assistance using the Planning Portal

If you require assistance using the Planning Portal in the first instance please visit the NSW Planning Portal assistance page.


The Development Application is not formally lodged until it has been checked by Council, deemed acceptable and payment receipted.