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Assessment Process


What is involved in the assessment process?

Stage 1: Registration

The application is allocated to an Assessment Officer who is responsible for the processing of the application up to the point of completion of the Assessment Report.

Stage 2: Notification

Legislation requires that property owners adjoining proposed development sites are given opportunity to comment on any aspect of the proposed works in accordance with the Community Participation Plan and Notification Policy.

Submissions are considered during the assessment process when it may be necessary to initiate a formal consultation process to address and possibly resolve uncertain issues.

Stage 3: Acknowledgement

The applicant will receive acknowledgement of the Development Application and advice of the Assessment Officers name and contact details.

Stage 4: Referrals

Specific aspects of the development may require referral to additional professional assessors. Your application will be referred, as necessary, to other State Government authorities and to internal specialist staff for their assessment and comments.

Once all information is received through the notification and referral process the assessing officer will compile all the information. If information is lacking, you will be sent an additional information letter within the statutory timeframe and the "Stop the Clock" will commence to allow completion of information by you.

Stage 5: Site Inspection

The Assessment Officer may undertake a site inspection to ascertain the possible impacts of your proposal.

Stage 6: Assessment and Planning Report

Once all the relevant information is compiled the Assessing Officer will evaluate your proposals compliance with development controls, statutory requirements and any relevant objections made in submissions. Once the Officer has made their assessment they will complete a planning report on the development and make a recommendation as to whether the development application should be approved or refused.

When determining a development application and preparing a planning report, the Council Officer must make an assessment against the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Stage 7: Determination

Council seeks to ensure that all matters are considered equally when determining whether or not to approve a development application. In particular the application will be determined based on the nature of the development, its compliance with controls, neighbourhood issues and Council's delegations. Some matters may require determination by a Planning Panel.