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S7.11 Development Contributions Plan


​Section 7.11 formerly known as section 94 is a monetary contribution levied on developers at the development application stage to help pay for additional community facilities and/or infrastructure such as provision of libraries; community facilities; open space; roads; drainage and the provision of car parking in commercial areas.

The rationale for the contribution is based on the increased demand that new developments place on existing facilities and provides for expansion of facilities to cater for the demand.  The contribution is determined based on a formula which is contained in Council's Section 7.11 Contributions Plan, which also identifies the basis for levying the contributions and the works to be undertaken with the funds raised. Council as part of any Development Application conditions of consent will advise if a contribution is payable. Any contribution is due to be paid prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate. The actual amount to be paid is the amount applicable at the time of payment.

​s7.11 Contributions Rates 2021/22

​Residential Development​per Person​11,044.52
​Retail/Commercial Development Parking - Lane Cove West​per Parking Space​23,720.19
​Retail/Commercial Development Parking - Lane Cove Centre​per Parking Space​25,940.80
​Retail/Commercial Development Traffic Management and Streetscape improvements (GFA)​per m2​139.29
Industrial Development Traffic/Drainage/Open Space (GFA)​​per m2​​45.42


The Section 7.11 Contributions Plan Works Schedule lists the infrastructure and land acquisition on which the contributions collected will be spent. Council at its meeting of 16 September 2013 adopted an updated works schedule, and this took effect on 9 October 2013. The contributions rate has not been altered however.

Please note:

- This Works Schedule of 9 October 2013 replaces the works listed in the Section 7.11 Plan full document.

- Council has suspended the application of this Section 7.11 Contributions Plan to the St Leonards South precinct (see 19 October 2020 Council report and resolution).

- Council considered the post-consultation St Leonards South draft Section 7.11 Plan at its April 2021 meeting. The plan (including Appendix B - Detailed Cost Estimates Mitchell Brandtman Report from March 2021) has been forwarded to IPART for review and assessment. Visit the IPART website for the status of their assessment.