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Bushwalking in Lane Cove


Current Track Closures:

Ventemans Reach 

Closed due to safety concerns. From north of the Stringybark Creek Footbridge to south of the Pumphouse historic site. 


Lovetts Reserve

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority has declared the southern section of the walking track in Lovetts Reserve as contaminated land. This section of the track is closed and as a result there is no access from Burns Bay Road or the Boreen. Access is still open from Cope Street, Myee Crescent, Penrose Street & Blackman Park.


90 hectares of bushland to explore

The Lane Cove Municipality has approximately 90 hectares of bushland under the care, control and management of Council. Bushland can also be found on private land and land owned by other government organisations

Bushland is a significant part of the local character and has many values which make it significant to the people of Lane Cove. Lane Cove Municipality consists of a series of ridges and gullies bounded by the Lane Cove River to the south. Its bushland lines most of the creeks along the gullies which thread through and separate its various suburbs. Almost every part of Lane Cove is within 500 metres of bushland. This proximity defines the character of the Municipality, it creates suburb identity, provides a bushland frame to many views and makes Lane Cove an attractive place to live.

Lane Cove’s bushland is diverse in native flora and fauna and contains a number of bushland types – wet and dry sclerophyll forest, heathland, mangroves and tidal flats. Many bird and animal species co-exist with suburban development, bringing native animals close to many people. A walk through some areas will display the fascinating progression of vegetation zones from tall blue gums and turpentines to the succulent groundcovers growing in the saltmarsh at the river estuary.

A range of local Aboriginal sites provide tangible evidence of Aboriginal occupation, their use of the natural resources and their cultural life. European history is evident in old paths, tracks and steps, wells and other structures, including industrial remnants.

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Map of walking tracks

The bushland reserves are easily accessible to most residents with many of the walking tracks running from suburban areas past parks, creeks and the Lane Cove River, often with stunning views. Bushland reserves can provide space for adventure, exercise or quiet contemplation. Close to the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, peace and solitude can be found when bushwalking in Lane Cove. A walk in some reserves provides a near natural experience for bushwalkers, where houses, roads and other urban signs disappear. The bush provides an opportunity for adults and children to experience nature and develop awareness and interest in the environment.


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