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Electrify Everything


Council’s across Australia are working together to encourage their residents to electrify their homes and enjoy the benefits of clean energy. 

There are different actions to take, and it doesn’t have to be all at once. Do some research now, then when appliances need replacing or upgrading, you’ll be ready to make the switch.

The grid is getting greener, which means more renewable energy is reaching your home. In NSW approximately 53% of electricity generation comes from renewable sources.


Here are 6 ways to electrify your home:
1. Rooftop solar: generate your own power and save money; solar electricity is about five times cheaper than grid prices.
2. A home battery: store excess solar energy and use it to power your home through the evening.
3. Electric cooking: cheaper and healthier than fossil fuel methods.
4. Heating: reverse cycle air conditioners are the most efficient way to heat your home, using just 25-30% of the energy required by conventional gas or electric systems.
5. Hot Water: heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat water and use around a quarter of the energy required by conventional hot water systems.
6. Electric Vehicles: EVs convert over 77% of electrical energy into power compared to only 12-30% for petrol vehicles.

Use this Go Electric Action Plan to plan when you will update your electric appliances and/or vehicles. 

Watch this space to learn more about the Electrify Everything campaign!