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Renewable Energy


Renewable energy systems use sources like solar, wind and water (hydro) to generate power. There are many options for you to use renewable energy at home. You could buy GreenPower through your energy supplier, generate electricity at home, or offset some of the emissions you generate through your use of energy.

Buy Green Power

GreenPower is electricity that has come from renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro and waste organic material. Over 900,000 residential homes in Australia are already buying GreenPower. Purchasing 100% accredited GreenPower can reduce your household's greenhouse emissions by 50%.

Install Solar Power

You may be able to generate your own electricity at home by installing a renewable energy system such as a solar. Generating your own power can make a big difference to your energy bills. If you connect to the mains power grid, you might also be able to feed your excess energy back into the grid.

The most common way to generate power at home is via solar panels (photovoltaic panels or PVs) on your roof. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun and excess electricity feeds into the mains power grid or into a storage system like a battery bank.

Solar PV panels are expensive to buy, but once installed they only need a small amount of maintenance and the electricity they provide is free and clean.

Carbon Offset Schemes

You can make a difference to your impact on the environment by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Offset schemes plant trees or do other energy saving projects to help cut back on, or absorb greenhouse gas emissions.

You can offset emissions such as those generated by driving your car, air travel or running major events by choosing providers of carbon neutral services or products.

For a full list of government accredited products and services and abatement projects visit the Governments Carbon Offsetting website.