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Bushfire Protection


Preparing for the Bushfire Season

It is particularly important for residents who live next to the bush to be “bushfire-ready”, especially during the warmer, drier months.

  • Have you cleared your gutters of leaves and twigs?
  • Did you know that wire screens on windows and doors can protect your house from ember attack?
  • Have you thought about installing a roof sprinkler system or checking if your hose is made of heat-resistant material?

These simple but important actions are some of the useful suggestions found in Council’s brochure What you should do in times of bushfire. It is a useful guide to help you reduce potential risks to your property.

The brochure also explains the role of Community Fire Units, composed of local residents who are trained to safeguard homes during a bushfire prior to the arrival of the NSW Fire Brigades.

Further information about preparing for bushfires can be found at

The latest Bushfire Prone map is now available.

Bushfire Emergency Must Have Bag (click on bag for contents)


The Bushfire Emergency Must Have Bag contains a Bushfire Survival Plan, an emergency checklist and an information booklet looking at our localised Bushfire environment. Prepare. Act. Survive. Page 7 of the Bushfire Survival Plan, helps you prepare your house for the event of a Bushfire. 

For a free Bushfire Emergency Must Have Bag please contact council on 9911 3583.