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Lane Cove Community Nursery 

Lane Cove Eco Garden


Hibbertia dentata, a local climber

Leaf-tailed Gecko, a secretive local species


Pink Spider Flower, Grevillea sericea - a great local native plant that does well in gardens


Gardening Information for Residents


There are thousands of gardens in Lane Cove. Put together, these make up a large amount of green space which impact on our local environment! Consider the effects of weeds, garden chemicals, fertilisers... managing your garden well is important!

Council provides information about the natural environment, native plants and practical ideas on how to manage residential gardens in ways that do not harm bushland.


The Backyard Habitat program is for residents who want to provide a space for native animals in their backyard.


Planting local species

When deciding which plants to use in your garden, don't forget to consider factors such as soil type, plant height, water usage, aspect and so on.

Lane Cove Council encourages residents to plant native species indigenous to the local area. This is worthwhile for a number of reasons:
1. You can help preserve the historic and aesthetic landscape qualities of the area.
2. You can provide valuable habitat for many birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that are still found through out the area.
3. Local plants selected with care, are already adapted to the local soils and microclimates, so they often grow more rapidly and need less constant attention.


Growing the Native Plants of Lane Cove by Judy Messer


Build your own Wildlife nest box

This helpful guide encourages community to build boxes for species which need it most and provides information to construction quality nest boxes for wildlife for years to come.

​Written information is currently available for residents about: