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Looking After Nature Strips


​Nature strips are the Council owned land located between the constructed road and private property (that is, the street verge). Nature strips contribute significantly to the streetscape and visual amenity of local neighbourhoods.

Council encourages residents to walk around their neighbourhood and so safe pedestrian access needs to be maintained. It is Council’s responsibility to ensure that members of the public are not caused injury wherever possible whilst using this area.

Council maintains the nature strips adjacent to parks or reserves and Council community facilities. Council also plants and maintains the street trees.

Grassed nature strips are expected to be mowed regularly by neighbouring residents and kept neat and tidy such that they contribute to the general appearance of the street.

Residents are also expected to keep garden plants within their property or along the fence line trimmed back so they don’t obstruct pedestrians walking along the footpath or nature strip or interfere with motorist or cyclist sightlines.

A resident wishing to replace the grass on the nature strip outside their property with low maintenance plantings or garden areas must first apply in writing to Council for approval prior to undertaking any such works.

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If a resident of the adjacent property is unable physically and financially to maintain the nature strip they can make an application for Council to maintain the area.