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Solar Mapping Tool

If you are considering installing solar, try out SunSPoT. This free tool to help you calculate how much electricity and money a solar PV system could save your home or business.

The tool is based on detailed modelling which takes accounts of solar radiation, tilt, orientation and shading at your home or business. Council worked with the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (AVPI) to map the Lane Cove area so that you can select your own rooftop and receive personalised information.

How many panels will fit on the roof?
The mapping feature allows you to find out how many panels you can fit on the roof with the space available, with all the savings calculated according to system size.Compare and match a system with your budget.

Will getting a battery increase your savings?
SunSPOT removes the mystery around batteries and costs. You can test 4 common battery sizes for the savings they could deliver, while also seeing their cost.

Visit the SunSpot website to get started.