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Sustainability Levy


The Sustainability Levy is a special rate variation (levy) of 6% utilised specifically for sustainability projects from Council’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Sustainability Levy Projects 2022/2023
Project NameBudget
Backyard Habitat Program$45,178
Bush Friends$47,059
Bush Kids$49,299
Bird and Rodent Control$22,140
Emissions and Water Target - Progress Report$23,400
Every Child a Bushland Experience$5,000
Feral Animal Control$8,550
Frog and Fish Survey$15,000
Lovetts Reserve Biodiversity Protection$25,000
Nature Strip Conversion Project$16,500
Powerful Owl Project Support$8,000
Resilient Sydney Membership$10,000
Rope Access Noxious Weed Control$17,950
Saltmarsh Restoration$10,000
Urban Rewilding Linkage Project Contribution$5,000
Volunteer Bushcare Program - materials$15,000
Warraroon Wetlands Restoration - Stage 5$6,100
Yangoora Wetland Protection Project$10,000
Innovation Hub$3,520
Love Where You Live and Shop$18,000
Sustainability Lane $24,000
Sustainability Reporting$12,000
Village Graffiti Reduction Program$32,000
Blackman Park LED Lighting$185,000
Carbon Neutral Fleet$5,100
Greener Apartments $10,000
Solar for Business $8,000
Sustainable Council Buildings$30,000
Community Garden Infrastructure$20,000
Business Support$23,000
Climate Resilience Events and Communications$10,000
Cooler Spaces$55,000
Longueville Aboriginal Heritage $20,000
Native Garden/Disability Support Program$14,200
Planning and Creating Inclusive Green Spaces$20,000
Sustainability Communication$10,000
Sustainability Events$6,000
Sustainable Building Advisory Service$6,000
Toy Library$60,000
Village Art$38,000
Living Sea Wall$20,000
Streamwatch Program and National Waterbug Blitz$1,500
Water Monitoring Study$25,000
Total $1,010,496

Information about previous years Sustainability Levy projects is also available:



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