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Exempt Tree and Species List


Exempt species will receive automatic approval when the application is lodged, and subsequent inspection is carried out. This inspection is free and requires a photo of  the subject tree/s to aid in the inspection.

Exempt works include:

  • Removal of deadwood;
  • Removal of dead trees;
  • Pruning of branches within 2m of service wires – pruning amounts to be decided by Council;
  • Pruning of branches within 2m of rooflines (over 2m subject to council approval) – excluding all Eucalyptus, Angophoras, Corymbias and Syncarpia species; and
  • Hedging and reduction pruning the following species – Murraya spp, Viburnum spp, Photinia spp.

 Exempt Species with Height Restrictions

Common Name
Botanical Name
Height Restrictions
Box Elder
​Acer negundo
​Less than 6 metres
Evergreen Alder
​Alnus acuminata
​Less than 10 metres
Camphor Laurel
​Cinnamomum camphora
​Less than 10 metres
Silky Oak
​Grevillea robusta
​​Less than 6 metres
​Jacaranda mimosifolia
​Less than 6 metres
Crepe Myrtle
​Lagerstroemia indica
​Less than 6 metres
​Liquidambar styraciflua
​Less than 10 metres
Phoenix Palm
​Phoenix species
​Less than 6 meters

 Exempt Species with no Height Restrictions

Common Name Botanical NameHeight Restrictions
Tree of HeavenAilanthus altissima
​Bambusa species
CotoneasterCotoneaster speciesNil
HackberryCeltis sinensisNil
HackberryCeltis australis
Exotic Fruit (e.g. Citrus FruitPeaches and Plums, Loquat)
Citrus, Prunus, Eriobotrya japonica
Coral TreeErythrina speciesNil
Rubber TreeFicus elasticaNil
Norfolk Island HibiscusLagunaria patersoniaNil
PrivetsLigustrum speciesNil
MulberryMorus speciesNil
BananasMusa speciesNil
OleanderNerium oleander
African OliveOlea africanaNil
Lombardy PoplarPopulus nigra ItalicaNil
​China Doll
​Radermachera sinica
Umbrella TreeSchefflera actinophyllaNil
​Giant Bird of Paradise
​Strelitzia nicolai
Cocos PalmSyagrus romanzoffianumNil
RhusToxicodendrum succedaneumNil
Leighton Green & CultivarsX Cupressosyparis leylandiiNil
​Salix species