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Street Trees


Street trees are an intrinsic part of the character of Lane Cove. Council supplies and plants all trees on the Council owned nature strip.

Request a Service

If you require a street tree to be pruned or a Council supplied tree to be planted, you can lodge a Request for Service online. 

Council selects native street tree species consistent with Council's Street Tree Master Plan.  Trees are selected based on the site location and site restrictions such as sight lines, services, size of the planting area and any other obstructions: ie the appropriate species for the appropriate location.  Residents will be notified with a letter on the day of planting stating the species and if the species is considered to be large, medium or small at maturity. 

Street Trees Near Powerlines

The general rule is that if the street tree is on public property and its branches overhang powerlines or the tree is located within 3 metres of power lines then Ausgrid is responsible for determining if it requires trimming or removal. Only Ausgrid's authorised contractors are allowed to remove trees or branches near live wires and they will be required to respond in the first instance, prior to Council. To report street tree maintenance near power lines you can complete the reporting form on Ausgrid's website

In the case of an emergency involving power lines do not fill out the online form – instead, contact Ausgrid immediately on 13 13 88.


Find out more about the benefits and conditions of Lane Cove's street trees

Tree Plotter is a comprehensive online tree inventory and database of local street trees. Residents can look up their favourite tree and find out its Eco Benefits such as air quality, carbon stored and stormwater runoff. The database also allows Council to monitor the age, health and general condition of trees in the area as well as map the distribution of tree species. This vital information will assist Council in its management of trees and in determining locations for future planting sites.