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We've installed an award-winning Canopee in Mindarie Park!

This innovative project will provide a sustainable canopy structure above the main outdoor seating area of Mindarie Park, providing shade that combats the effects of global warming and heat island effects while re-establishing urban biodiversity.

We are planting a beautiful yellow native guinea flower vine (Hibbertia Scandens) to populate the Canopee and it will be maintained by a web platform that offers 24/7 monitoring of the Canopeeā€™s growing conditions and a solar-powered irrigation system.

Urban Canopee is a trial project as we strive towards providing cooler, more resilient and sustainable urban environments.

Canopee 8 May 2023 (2).jpg

Image above: the Canopee at Mindarie Park


Image above: installation begins at Mindarie Park

Urban Canopee.png