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How to report graffiti

The Village Graffiti Reduction Program funds the removal graffiti from businesses and public areas in the Lane Cove LGA. This program aims to maintain the ambience of the main village precincts by ensuring graffiti is removed promptly, reducing adverse economic impact on Lane Cove businesses and the community. Graffiti is removed at no cost to the business however the graffiti must be able to be accessed from a public place (accessible from the street etc.).

Prompt reporting of graffiti vandalism leads to prompt graffiti removal, which in turn can reduce the likelihood of more graffiti vandalism.

Complete this form to report graffiti from your business premise or a public area. The Village Graffiti Reduction Program is a sustainability levy funded initiative.

Council Property

Complete this form to report graffiti on Council property.

Public Areas (not owned by Council)

For removal of Graffiti in other public areas please contact the relevant agency:

  • oOh! Media Bus Shelter - 1800 501 402 

  • Australia Post, Property Management -131 318

  • Sydney Water, Property Management - 9350 5111

  • Ausgrid - 1300 306 541 or 9269 4747  

  • State Transit Authority, Ryde Depot - 9941 6814

  • Telstra - 4645 4966

  • Service NSW Graffiti Hotline - 1800 707 125 

Private Property

If the graffiti is on private property, products and advice are available at hardware stores to remove graffiti. The quicker that the graffiti is removed, the easier it is to remove. The NSW Government website has suggestions for removing graffiti from your property – with recommendations for removal from painted surfaces, bare or raw surfaces and from glass and synthetics. In addition to prevent Graffiti you may wish to consider using appropriate plants which cover areas to minimise the opportunity for Graffiti.

Council does not recommend an individual business, however the following graffiti removal companies may be able to help:

  • Grafitti Clean - 1300 311 322

  • Jetmaster Cleaning - 0411 120150

  • Hydra-Wash - 9773 4333

  • Graffiti Removal Co - 9519 9374

  • The Graffiti Eaters - 1300 305 307

  • Graffiti Off - 0404 033 903