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Northwood Shops

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Today the NSW Department of Planning handed down its decision in relation to zoning changes at the Northwood  Shops (Planning Proposal 29). The decision permits residential aged care (nursing home accommodation) and retail on the site and amends the height and Floor Space (FSR) controls for the site.

Council is pleased that the height controls are in line with the community’s and Council’s expectations that the building be limited to RL 66.25, which equates to 3 storeys above street level. The applicant had sought permission for RL 70,25, equating to 4 storeys above street level.

The FSR has also be set lower than originally proposed. The Applicant had sought Floor Space controls  of 1:1.98. The control has been set at a maximum of 1:1.85, Council had called for an FSR of 1.5:1. A minimum commercial FSR has also been included for the site as requested by Council.

Council had refused the proposal in June, 2018 and the applicant requested a review of Council’s decision by the Department.

With the Planning Proposal now gazetted, the next stage in the process requires the applicant to lodge a Development Application for assessment by Council.

To find out more, visit the NSW Department of Planning’s website