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New Solar Bins

Council has expanded its solar powered bin program to the Plaza with ten bins installed this week.

Using solar power, the bin compacts waste and recycling once it fills up, which results in five times more waste storage. More capacity in the bins means fewer collection trips, lower costs and less emissions.

The bin compaction is equivalent to two to three adults standing on the waste and it takes approximately 40 seconds for the waste to be compacted.

Solar Bins Australia (the team who manufactured and installed the new bins) determined the best position for each bin station based on solar access, positioning for the public and servicing. The solar units and batteries that power these units are of extremely high quality and designed specifically for this purpose. The bins also have the capabilities to send alerts to Council if something is wrong (e.g. the bin is at capacity or there are power issues).

The bins add to the existing collection at Blackman Park and near Lane Cove Library.