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Single-use plastic ban

​From 1 November 2022, supply of the following items will be banned in NSW:  

  • Plastic single-use cutlery (spoons, knives, forks, sporks, chopsticks – any utensil used for consuming food)

  • Plastic single-use plates and bowls (excludes bowls with a spill proof lid whether separate or attached)

  • Plastic single-use stirrers

  • Plastic single-use straws (with exemptions for people with a disability or medical need)

  • Plastic single-use cotton buds

  • Expanded polystyrene food ware including bowls, cups, clamshell containers and plates (includes any plastic item made in whole or in part of expanded polystyrene used to serve food or beverages)

  • Plastic microbeads in rinse off personal hygiene products

The ban applies even if they are made from biodegradable, compostable, or bioplastics. This includes those made from Australian certified compostable plastic.   

Find out more.

Give banned, unused single-use plastics a new lifeGPR NSW - Rescue Hero.png

Following the single-use plastic ban, you might be wondering how you can dispose of your excess unused single-use banned plastic items. 

Good news! Council has partnered with the Great Plastic Rescue to become a collection hub for rescuing excess single-use plastic from landfill. 

Simply register what banned items you would like rescued online. Please note the items must be unused and clean. Council will then be in touch with you to organise when and where you can drop-off these items. The final day to drop off items will be Wednesday 16 November. 

Great Plastic Rescue will then be able to recycle and remanufacture these items into sustainable products with longer, useful lifespans. 

Find out more and register the banned items you would like to recycle.