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Soft plastic recycling

​Do you usually recycle your soft plastics at Coles or Woolworths through REDcycle? You might have heard that this program been suspended due to unforeseen challenges. This also means RecycleSmart can no longer collect your soft plastics.

Our Sustainability Team has put together some tips to help you reduce your soft plastics:

  • Bring your own reusable bag to the supermarket or borrow a bag from a Bag Share library.

  • Find alternative products that are packaged in recyclable materials or use reusable packaging such as bulk food stores or returnable jars.

  • Find a great homemade recipe for those items that you can't find in alternative packaging? (Tip: share the recipe – your friends and family will thank you!)

  • Select fruit and vegetables without plastic wrap.

If you do need to use soft plastics, please dispose of them in your red bin. 

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