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Waterbug Blitz

Over the past 12 months Council has been trying a new program to help assess the health of our creeks called the National Waterbug Blitz. This involves asking the community to grab a dip net and magnifying glass and sample the water in our creeks to discover which aquatic creatures are living there. These tiny creatures are great indicators of waterway health, so the type of water bugs collected provide useful information about our creeks. This hasn’t been easy. Sometimes there hasn’t been enough water flowing and at other times there is a raging torrent washing away everything in its path.

If you’re up for the challenge and keen to help us locate these critters then visit our Bushcare Events page to find out more about the next session. The Waterbug Blitz is a great Citizen Science program for the whole family to get involved with!

waterbug 2.jpgWaterbug blitz 1.jpg