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The information provided by this Web-site is intended as a series of general guidelines to the services and activities of Lane Cove Council.

Changes in circumstances after time of publication may impact on the accuracy of this information. Information published and transmitted electronically may be subject to corruption by the process.

While every effort is made to maintain the information as current and accurate, it is not verified information and should not be relied upon where verified information is required. No person should place reliance on information from this Web-site in circumstances where loss, damage or injury is possible. In such circumstances, specific enquires should be made to Council, in order to obtain the required advice or information directly from authorised Council officers.

Lane Cove Council is in no way responsible for any information or services, which may appear on any sites which, may be accessed through this Web-site.

Notes to Web Administrators: Linking to Council's Web-site.

Lane Cove Council is happy for organizations or individuals to link to Lane Cove Council site. Web site administrators intending to link to the Lane Cove Council site are requested to follow the following guidelines:

* Inform the council’s web site administrators of intention to connect to the site.

* Ensure that there is no confusion about the origin of the content of council’s site and that the Lane Cove Council is correctly attributed.

* When fees are involved, ensure that users are aware that the content of council’s site is free and that they are not paying for the content that Council offers.

* The link should be to the Lane Cove Council home page only.

* Any text supporting the link should not be detrimental to Lane Cove Council.

* Council’s logo is not to be used without written consent from the Lane Cove Council.

Proposals for collaborative web projects with Lane Cove Council should be directed to council’s web site administrators.

Notes to International Users.

* All times & dates referred to are those relevant to Sydney, Australia.

* When necessary, telephone & facsimile numbers should be prefixed with the international dialling code for Sydney, Australia.

* All currency units referred to are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise specified.