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Community Strategic Plan


​End of Term Report

Council is required to report at the end of each Council term on the implementation of its Community Strategic Plan. This End of Term Report highlights the progress towards the goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan as well as key achievements during the Council term.

Council's End of Term Report for the 2012-2016 period was received by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 18 July 2016. In addition to this written report, Lane Cove Council produced an End of Term Video to document these achievements.

Lane Cove Council End of Term Report

What is our Community Strategic Plan?

CommunityStrategicPlan1.jpgCouncil's Community Strategic Plan outlines the  long term vision and aspirations of the local community and Council.


The Plan was originally introduced alongside the Integrated Planning and Report Framework in 2011. 'Lane Cove 2025' was produced after an extensive two year community consultation process.

Council undertook a review of the Plan in 2018 to develop Liveable Lane Cove: 2035, a refined version of the plan which will guide us towards 2035.


As part of this process Council developed the Delivery Program and Operational Plan which outline the specific actions to be undertaken by Council over the next 3 years to achieve the goals and objectives set out in Liveable Lane Cove: 2035. The Budget to support these actions has also been adopted. 

Liveable Lane Cove; 2035 is comprised of goals, objectives and strategies  across six (6) planning themes - Our Society, Our Built Envrionment, Our Natural Environment, Our Culture, Our Council and Our Economy.  As this is a community plan there may be strategies which involve Council to lobby and enter into dialogue with other levels of government, private enterprise, community organisations, educational institutions, non-government, religious organisations and neighbouring councils. IPRFramework.jpg

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Community Strategic Plan provides the framework for the preparation of Council’s Delivery Program, which incorporates the Operational Plan. The Delivery Program replaces the former Management Plan and outlines the actions Council will undertake to achieve its goals and how we will measure progress in attaining them.

The new framework also requires Council to adopt a resourcing strategy to plan for the actions in the Delivery Program. These resourcing strategies include a Long term Financial Plan, an Infrastructure Asset Management Plan and a Workforce Plan.