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Open Space Plans


​Council has adopted a number of plans that are used to help manage the Open Space areas withing the Local Government Area.

Open Space Plan - this plan sets out the guiding principles for a number of key themes to reinforce the main direction for the planning and management of Lane Cove’s Open Spaces (parks and playgrounds, sporting areas, bushland, streetscapes and urban spaces). 

Community Land Plan of Management - this plan governs the use and management of community land, both Council owned and Crown land which Council manages. It describes the current purposes and uses of the community lands and their values, assigns them to one or more categories and sets out objectives and performance targets for active land management and use.

Plan of Management for Bushland in Lane Cove -  sets out bushland management policies and strategies as well as management activities for each bushland reserve. For further bushland management plans refer to the  Lane Cove River Coastal Zone Management Plan and Endangered Ecological Communities.

Recreation Action Plan -  focuses on providing for recreation activities that take place in Open Space.

There are more detailed plans and strategies for some specific recreation areas/activities. These include:

Playground Strategy - provides Council with a plan for the provision of well located, well designed, fun and accessible playgrounds for the next 5 years and beyond.

Dog Strategy - provides Council with a plan for providing and managing dogs' access to all public spaces in the Lane Cove Council area. This includes on leash areas, our 19 off-leash areas and areas where dogs are prohibited as prescribed by the Companion Animals Act 1998 (the Act). It also provides criteria for the selection and design of any future off-leash areas and dog parks.

Plan of Management for the Lane Cove Golf Course 

Blackman Park Plan of Management and Blackman Park Masterplan

Street Tree Master Plan - This plan outlines the proposed streetscape for each street in Lane Cove.

Pesticides Notification Plan - This plan outlines the use of pesticides in outdoor public places in Lane Cove.

Regional Strategies

There are a number of regional plans that include Open Space areas managed by Council.

Lane Cove River Costal Zone Management Plan

NSROC Regional Sportsground Strategy Review provided a focus on analysing future demand for the provision of sportsgrounds in the Region.