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Planning Framework


​Council has a Planning Structure which has various components that cover both the strategic and operational planning:-

Community Strategic Plan : Outlines the vision and objectives for the community. The Plan establishes 6 Strategic Themes; Our Natural Environment; Our Built Environment; Our Society; Our Culture; Our Local Economy; and Our Council. These are aligned to the Quadruple Bottom Line Framework, which ensures Lane Cove is a sustainable community​ 

Delivery Program : This is a two year Operational Plan, that outlines the actions Council will under take to achieve the goals of the themes.

Issue Plans: Council maintains a set of key, medium-term strategic plans, each dealing with a specific subject area. The plans include, Sustainability Action Plan, Cultural Action Plan, Social Plan, Road Safety Plan, and the Golf Course Plan of Management.

Planning Instruments: Council's Planning Schemes, control the location and character of development and ensure protection of our natural assets.