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Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework


​As part of the NSW Office of Local Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework, Council has a Planning Structure which has various components that cover both the strategic and operational planning:-

Community Strategic Plan : Outlines the vision and objectives for the community. The Plan establishes 6 Strategic Themes; Our Natural Environment; Our Built Environment; Our Society; Our Culture; Our Local Economy; and Our Council. These are aligned to the Quadruple Bottom Line Framework, which ensures Lane Cove is a sustainable community​ 

Delivery Program : This is generally a three or four year program (coinciding with a Council Term) that outlines strategies, actions and new initiatives Council will undertake in order to advance the goals and objectives of the Community Strategic Plan.

Operational Plan: The Operational Plan is a one year plan that specifies the detail of the Delivery Program, identifying the individual projects, activities and actions that will be undertaken in a specific financial year to achieve the commitments made in the four year Delivery Program.

Annual Report: This document reports on the achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and the effectiveness of the strategies, action and initiatives undertaken in achieving the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan. The report is prepared in accordance with the Local Government Regulation and the Integrated Planning & Reporting Guidelines and includes a copy of the council’s audited financial reports.