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Business Ethics


​Council values ethical behaviour by its elected officials, staff, suppliers and business partners. To ensure ethical behaviour by elected officials and Council staff, Council has adopted a Code of Conduct.

Council has also adopted the following standards for all tenderers, suppliers, contractors and consultants to Lane Cove Council, to ensure they are bound by the same high ethical standards.

Tenderers, suppliers, contractors and consultants must:-

  • Comply with Council’s procurement policies and procedures.

  • Provide accurate and reliable advice and information when required

  • Declare actual or perceived conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest includes both pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests and is equally important. A pecuniary interest is an interest that a person has in a matter because of the reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial gain or loss to the person or another person with whom the person is associated. Associated persons include relatives, partners and employers. A non-pecuniary interest may include family relationships, friendships, positions in associations, or other interests that do not involve financial gain or loss.

  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings.

  • Refrain from exerting pressure or to offer any inducements or incentives or future employment to officers or elected officials.

  • Ensure safety of the community at all times

  • Prevent the unauthorised release of privileged information, including confidential Council information

  • Refrain from discussing Council dealings with the media, except with Council's consent

  • Report to Council's General Manager any suspected breach of these ethical standards.

Reporting Unethical Behaviour

Lane Cove Council is committed to promoting ethical behaviour.  Reports of unethical behaviour, fraud, corrupt conduct, mal-administration or waste can be made in writing to:

Mr Craig Wrightson

General Manager

Lane Cove Council

PO Box 20

Lane Cove NSW 1595