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Sponsorship Opportunities


​Sponsorship Opportunities - Festivals & Events

Current opportunities

Lane Cove Festival

Lane Cove Festival celebrates the vibrant and diverse community of Lane Cove. Each September, the Festival presents over 50 events run by local community groups and Council. These events bring thousands of people to Lane Cove attending film screenings exhibitions, music performances, workshops and talks.

This long-standing festival has been running since 1992 and in this time it has diversified in the programs on offer and attendees. The Lane Cove Festival provides an opportunity for community groups to raise their profile in the area, connect with audiences and receive free publicity for the work they do.

To support the promotion of community-led events and community groups which form the Festival, Council is seeking financial sponsorship from local businesses and organisations.

General Information

Council is seeking financial sponsorship from organisations, companies or individuals interested in supporting Council's festivals and events including but not limited to Lane Cove Literary Awards, Lane Cove Festival, Festival by the River and Christmas.

Additional opportunities could include sponsorship of publications; events; special projects; community resources; service provision; community and cultural programs; and public art.

Council's Sponsorship Policy should be reviewed by organisations considering sponsorship of a Council activity. 

If you would like to register a general Expression of Interest, please email

Sponsorship arrangements which could limit, or be seen to limit, Council's ability to carry out its functions fully and impartially will not be considered.