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Council Elections


Election to be held on Saturday 4 December

If you are a resident of Lane Cove please make sure your current details are up-to-date with the Electoral Commission as voting is compulsory.This page also contains information to assist with candidates interested in registering for the upcoming election. Please note the elections were originally scheduled to be held in September however have the decision has been made to move the date to 4 December 2021.

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Residential Roll

All electors enrolled on the NSW State electoral roll as at 6:00pm 25 October 2021 residing in Lane Cove Council local government area will be included on the residential roll for the election. 

To update your enrolment details online or to obtain a residential enrolment form visit or call 13 23 26. Enrolment forms must be received by 6:00pm 25 October 2021. 

Non-residential roll​

If you are not a resident of Lane Cove, you may be entitled to vote if you own, occupy or lease property in the Lane Cove Council local government area as a corporation, business or individual.

More information regarding the enrolment of non-residential electors can be found in the NSWEC fact sheet. 

To apply for inclusion on the non-residential roll please complete one of the following forms and return to Council by 6:00pm, 25 October 2021:

If a claim for non-residential enrolment was made for a previous election, contact the council to check your claim is still current. If you need to update your details, please contact Lane Cove Council at 9911 3510. 

Compulsory Voting

Voting in Local Government elections is compulsory for all voters included on the residential roll. Voting is also compulsory for all voters included on the Lane Cove Council non-residential roll. Voting is not compulsory for voters included on the non-residential roll for other councils.

Thinking of nominating as a candidate?

If you’re considering nominating as a candidate for the 2021 NSW Local Government elections, you should read the NSW Electoral Commission notice. It provides general guidance about the process of nominating, and candidates’ obligations and responsibilities. Prospective candidates should seek their own independent legal advice if they are unsure whether they are eligible to run for public office in a local Council or how the law applies to their specific circumstances.

The NSW Electoral Commission website also includes a Candidate Handbook, free webinars and further information which may of note. Visit their website for the latest information. 

Work at the  Local Government Elections

People who would like to work at the December local government elections can now submit an application through the NSWEC ‘expression of interest’ website. 

Applicants can work on the day (4 December 2021) in a polling place, or for longer periods in a returning office or in one of the pre-poll voting centres.

Changes to pre-poll and postal voting eligibility criteria for 2021 Local Government Electiosns

Eligibility criteria for pre-poll (early voting) and postal voting has changed. Additional criteria has been introduced for the 2021 Local Government elections to make it easier for electors to vote in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


For the 2021 Local Government elections, any person who is enrolled to vote may vote by pre-poll.

Postal voting

In addition to existing postal vote eligibility criteria, the following criteria also apply. You are able to use postal voting if you

  • are a permanent or temporary resident in a hospital, nursing home, retirement village or similar facility
  • are self-isolating because of COVID-19 related reasons
  • reasonably believe that attending a polling place on election day will pose a risk to the health or safety of yourself or people around you, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on postal voting and the key dates for postal voting, please visit the Electoral Commission's website.

Online and operator assisted voting (iVote)

You may be eligible to use iVote (online voting option) at this election.

You can vote using iVote if you:

  • are blind or have low vision.
  • have a disability, within the meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, and because of the disability you have difficulty voting at a polling place
  • require assistance to vote because you are unable to read or write
  • are not within 20 kilometres, by the nearest route, of a polling place
  • are a silent elector
  • will not be within the local government area during the hours of voting on election day
  • applied for a postal vote but did not receive your postal ballot papers before 5pm on 27 August 2021.

For more information about eligibility, registration details and key dates, please visit the Electoral Commission's website.

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