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The Council


​Councillors are elected by eligible residents and ratepayers within the community.

Three (3) councillors are elected from the three wards of the Lane Cove local government area, and form the governing body of the Council. The Councillors' role is to direct and control the council's affairs in line with the requirements of the Local Government Act.

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Lane Cove Councillors from left to right:

Clr Andrew Zbik, Clr Daniel Strassberg (Deputy Mayor), Clr Karola Brent, Clr Scott Bennison, Clr Pam Palmer (Mayor), General Manager of Lane Cove Council – Craig Wrightson, Clr Frances Vissel, Clr Katherine Morris and Clr David Brooks-Horn

​At its Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 16 September Council elected its new Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Councillor Pam Palmer has been elected Mayor for two years and Councillor Daniel Strassberg was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor for one year.

The full list of Councillors serving the term of Council until September 2021 includes:

Central Ward

Lane Cove (main part, west side of Longueville Road), Riverview, Longueville

  • Karola BRENT
  • Katherine MORRIS

East Ward

Northwood, St Leonards, Greenwich, Lane Cove (part of, east side of Longueville Road), Longueville (small part, east side of Woodford Street)

  • Pam PALMER
  • Frances VISSEL

West Ward

Lane Cove North, Lane Cove West, Linley Point, Lane Cove (small part near Linley Point)

  • Scott BENNISON
  • Andrew ZBIK

Full details of the election results can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission's website. Any further enquiries regarding the Election including what to do if you were unable to vote, can be directed to the NSW Electoral Commission's website or Help Desk on 1300 135 736.