Lane Cove in the Top Ten

Published on 10 May 2024


Lane Cove has placed 6th in the nation for wellbeing according to the latest data released by public policy advisor SGS Economics.*

The ‘Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index’ captures the socio-economic wellbeing of communities by tracking seven economic, social, environmental and health dimensions and 2024 is the first year that the data has been presented at LGA level.

"The SGS Cities & Regions Wellbeing Index provides timely evidence on the social, economic and environmental trends of Australia’s cities and regions. It shows the importance of ‘place’ and that where you live influences your access to opportunities and overall wellbeing."

- SGS Cities & Regions Wellbeing Index Report

The ‘CRWI’ report shows that Lane Cove is ranked very highly for: 

1. Health

2. Employment, Knowledge & Skills

3. Income & Wealth

Wellbeing statistics

*LGAs with a population under 500 were also excluded from the analysis (26 LGAs), due to the reliability of reporting indicators where the population sample is small.