Waste Education Programs

Apartment Waste Improvement Program

Apartment Waste Improvement Program  

Council is offering a free waste improvement program for apartment buildings. The program aims to improve recycling rates, reduce contamination in kerbside bin and improve overall waste practices in apartment complexes.

The FREE program involves:

  • Bin audits to identify issues
  • Improved signage for bins, common areas and bin rooms
  • Personalised letters to residents to encourage recycling behaviour change
  • Support to make further improvements, including composting

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Compost Revolution

compost revolution

Council has partnered with Compost Revolution to offer Lane Cove residents discounts on select compost bins and worm farms.

Compost Revolution also offers a range of educational and troubleshooting guides to assist you with setting up and the ongoing maintenance of your chosen system

Visit Compost Revolution

Compost Workshop

Compost Workshop Join the fight against food waste (500 × 250px) (1).png

Reduce your food waste to reduce your impact! Join Toni Slater 'The Veggie Lady' for a hands-on compost and worm farm workshop. Covering beginner friendly topics, free course workbook and giveaways, you will walk away feeling confident to continue your compost journey at home!

Bookings essential as spaces are limited. Reserve your spot here.

Return and Earn Recycling Bin Trial

Recycle and Donate – Together!

Council is trialling a partnership program with local community groups to provide public place Return and Earn recycling bins as a fundraising opportunity. 

Distinctively marked container recycling bins will be place in The Canopy and Lane Cove Plaza from Monday 12 February to Monday 26 February to increase the recycling of eligible drink containers 

How it works:

  1. Distinctively marked container recycling bins placed in The Canopy and Lane Cove Plaza

  2. Visitors to The Canopy and the Plaza deposit eligible beverage containers in the designated bins for recycling. Check your can or bottle for the 10c symbol to make sure it is eligible.

  3. Containers will be taken to the Lane Cove West Return and Earn for recycling by community groups, who then receive the proceeds from the containers. Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group will be working with Council for the trial and will be receiving the refund from eligible containers during this period.

  4. The trial will help us gain insight on how the initiative can run on a larger scale.

Please note, this is a small-scale trial with limited bin capacity. The bins are intended for eligible containers generated in Lane Cove Plaza or The Canopy only. Please do not leave eligible containers by the designated bins.

Why the trial?

  • Environmental impact: By recycling your drink containers, you play a crucial role in diverting containers that would otherwise go to landfill in our public place bins.

  • Recycling with purpose: Large volumes of waste (known as contamination) in public place recycling bins has been an ongoing challenge. Trialling container recycling bins that support local community groups is an attempt to combat this issue.

  • Community engagement: Support your community by simply sorting your waste. This shared effort has the opportunity to make an impact to groups who already do so much for our community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Where can I find the container recycling bins?

A: The bins are located in The Canopy (near the lifts) and Lane Cove Plaza (near the green space). Please look out for their distinct yellow lid and signage on the bin body.

Q: What can I recycle?

A: Most glass and plastic drink bottles (water, soft drink, juice, beer), cans (soft drinks, beer) and juice boxes are accepted. You check eligibility if your container has the 10c symbol. Containers must be empty and should not be crushed.

Q: Who receives the refund for the eligible containers?

A: The refunds from containers deposited in these bins are donated to a participating community group. The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group is collecting the containers deposited during the trial period.

For any additional enquiries and feedback, please contact sustainability@lanecove.nsw.gov.au