Values of Bushland

Creek and waterfall in Greendale Park Aesthetic Values

Bushland reserves are easily accessible to most residents with many of the walking tracks running from suburban areas past parks, creeks and the Lane Cove River, often with stunning views.

It reduces noise, air and visual pollution, creates a feeling of peace and space. The proximity to bushland creates a suburb identity, provides a bushland frame to many views, and makes Lane Cove an attractive place in which to live.

Natural Heritage, Habitat and Scientific Values
Bushland is our natural heritage. It determines the visual identity of the landscape.

Remnant bushland vegetation of past ecosystems has an important scientific, educational and community heritage values.

Bushland provides a habitat for native plant and animal species, conserves rare and endangered flora and fauna, and enables the long term survival of existing animal and plant communities.

Lane Cove bushland forms part of a vital link and wildlife corridor extending from Sydney Harbour to the expansive areas in the upper Lane Cove valley and further to the city outskirts.

Cultural Heritage
A range of local Aboriginal sites provide tangible evidence of Aboriginal occupation, their use of the natural resources and their cultural life.

These sites are a very important factor in Aboriginal culture today, and just as important to the broader community. There are a significant number of sites in the Lane Cove LGA and while most of these sites have been recorded, there are likely to be many more that have yet to be identified.

Find out more about local Aboriginal history at the Aboriginal Heritage Office website.

European history is evident in old paths, tracks and steps, wells and other structures, including industrial remnants.

Protection of Natural Systems
Bushland reduces soil erosion and land degradation. It protects the water quality in our creeks and rivers and in our drinking water catchments and acts as a natural filter for all the essential biological cycles on which all people on earth depend.

Recreational and Educational Values
Child-at-creek-2.jpg Bushland reserves can provide space for adventure, exercise or quiet contemplation. A walk in some reserves provides a natural experience for bushwalkers, where houses, roads and other urban signs disappear.

The richness of the natural and cultural heritage makes the Lane Cove bushland a valuable resource for both formal and informal education. It provides an opportunity for adults and children to experience nature and develop awareness and interest in the environment.