How to help our wildlife

Close up of Powerful Owl in tree

You can help our native animals survive in the city in a number of ways:

  • Join Council's free Backyard Habitat program and discover ways to create a wildlife-friendly garden.
  • Keep your cats contained to your property and indoors at night. Cats are natural predators and will hunt for sport, even if well-fed.
  • Keep your dogs on a leash whilst walking in bushland. Off-leash dogs frighten wildlife and may injure small animals.
  • Join Bushcare to help restore wildlife habitat along creeks and foreshores of Lane Cove.

View our Gardening Information page to learn more about living alongside wildlife such as Brush Turkeys and Possums.

Help preserve Powerful Owls

Lane Cove bushland is home to several Powerful Owls, which are listed as vulnerable under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. You can help preserve these wonderful birds by joining Birdlife Australia's Powerful Owl Project as a Citizen Scientist.  They are currently looking for interested members of the public to help monitor Powerful Owls nesting in the area.