Backyard Habitat Program

Fairy wren on Lomandra

Backyard Habitat Photo Competition

The Backyard Habitat program is designed to support residents who would like to create native habitat gardens on their own property.  

Although Lane Cove has 90 hectares of bushland, it has been dissected into small pockets through urban development. By connecting these isolated pockets of bushland with fauna friendly backyards, wildlife corridors are created. 

Your garden can become a vital link and haven for our wildlife and is a great way to help support and improve biodiversity in the Lane Cove region.

Register for Backyard Habitat here


How do I join Backyard Habitat?

Step 1.Register your Interest

Fill in the Registration Form and survey.

Step 2.Organise a Backyard Consultation

The Backyard Habitat Officer will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a one-on-one consultation at your property. This takes approximately one hour, including a look around your garden and discussion of ideas to enhance the habitat potential of your outdoor space.

Step 3.Review your Report

You will receive a written report which includes a plan to enhance the habitat value of your garden, including a list of local native plants suitable for your garden. You report is customised to your individual garden and needs.

Step 4.Take Action

Your report will include suggestions for changes you can make to create/enhance your wildlife-friendly garden. There may be some preparation work required before receiving your free native seedlings. You will also receive a copy of Creating Backyard Habitat and a Backyard Habitat sign to display on your front gate or fence.


Join the Backyard Habitat program and receive:

  • Free advice on how to create a native garden specific to your site
  • This involves a one-on-one consultation at your property followed up by a written report
  • Free native plants from the Council nursery
  • A copy of Creating Backyard Habitat book
  • An information pack about the environment where you live, its flora, fauna, biodiversity and conservation
  • Tips on how to manage weeds more effectively
  • Local native plants lists for a bush friendly backyard
  • Tips on how to manage residential gardens in ways that do not harm bushland
  • Follow up consultations and plants
  • Invitations to native garden design talks and other relevant workshop

Please see our Gardening Information page for some useful suggestions for living alongside wildlife such as Brush-turkeys and Possums. It also contains handy tips on selecting native plants, managing pets and preparing your property in times of bushfire.