DA Process

If your development proposal is not classified as exempt or complying development, you may need to lodge a Development Application (DA) to get development consent. All DAs are required to be submitted via the NSW Government's planning e-portal NSW Planning Portal

Below is our 5-step guide to preparing and lodging a DA. 

Steps to prepare a DA

Step 1.Does your development comply?

  • Is your development permissible? Check the property's zoning.
  • Design your development to comply with our planning controls (eg. LEP and DCP).
  • Does your development comply with all relevant NSW Government SEPPs?

Step 2.Prepare plans and documents

Step 3.Consult your neighbours

  • You are advised to discuss your development proposal with your neighbours prior to lodging your DA. Early consultation can often alleviate any concerns about what you are proposing to do. Your neighbours may also identify issues with your development proposal that you may not be aware of (eg. privacy, overshadowing).
  • If you are living in a strata building, you require body corporate approval for your development before preparing a DA. Their consent is required per the requirements of the e-portal at the time of lodgement.  

Step 4.Apply for a pre-DA consultation (optional)

Prior to formally lodging a development application, you are encouraged to seek a pre-DA meeting with Council’s Planning officers regarding your proposal. You will be provided with written advice in relation to your proposed development.

Step 5.Lodge your DA

If accepted by Council you will be provided with a fee quote which can be paid via the credit card form.

  • When Council has made a decision on an application, a Notice of Determination is sent to the applicant.
  • Where an application is approved, the Notice will include conditions of consent and the date of the consent.
  • Where an application is refused, the Notice will include the reasons for refusal.
  • Please note that all documentation will be issued via the NSW Planning Portal.
  • You will require a Construction Certificate to be issued by Council or a Private Certifier if your approved DA involves building works.

Relevant Council forms:

If you need to amend your DA after Council has granted development consent, the following pathways are available.\

  • A Section 4.55 {1} to correct a minor error, an incorrect description or miscalculation is required.
  • A Section 4.55{1A} for minimal environmental impact amendments is required.
  • A Section 4.55{2} to modify the consent due to design changes.
  •  be provided that the development will be substantially the same. This requires a section 4.55(2) application.

Please note that any modification application will need to demonstrate that it is substantially the same development as that which was approved.

To ensure that fees are consistently applied to development applications you may be required to provide a quantity surveyor’s report to support your cost of works estimate.

This would apply to the following developments but not limited to:

  • Residential Flat Buildings
  • Medium Density Buildings such as townhouses
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Other major developments