Lane Cove Festival Advisory Committee

The Lane Cove Festival Committee was previously known as the Cameraygal Festival Committee but was renamed in 2018 to more accurately reflect the diverse activities of the Committee across the expanding range of Council Festivals and events.  

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • Advise and assist Council on the formulation, planning, development, promotion and implementation of a program of celebrations and activities within Lane Cove which reflect the diverse interests of the community, and which foster local identity.
  • Make arrangements, in relation to and for the purposes of carrying out its primary object in partnership with Lane Cove Council.
  • Develop and input into any theme and/or annual focus for the program.
  • Promote involvement and participation in the program by community groups and the public generally.
  • Encourage initiatives and draw upon ideas from the community, community groups and individuals at all levels with a view to securing a broadly based and wide ranging scope for the celebrations and activities connected with the Festival.
  • Ensure responsible use of resources, both physical and human, in partnership with interested residents.