Waste FAQs

Where does my waste go?

Lane Cove's general waste is transported by rail, along with waste from several other Council's, to Veolia Environmental Services' Woodlawn Bioreactor, near Goulburn. Once there, the waste deposited into the Bioreactor breaks down rapidly to produce methane. The methane is then used to produce green energy. At full capacity, Woodlawn Bioreactor (and the on-site wind farm) can generate almost 300,000MWh per year, providing equivalent power for 37,500 homes per year.

In addition to this, Veolia in partnership with several Sydney councils have recently launched the Mechanical and Biological Treatment facility at Woodlawn Eco-precinct. This facility uses resource recovery technology to extract organic content from Council's waste streams; producing compost for on-site mine rehabilitation. The facility also has the ability to transform residual waste into clean heat for their barramundi farm and green energy for the grid. The facility will process 144,000T of waste per annum and will divert more than half of participating councils' general waste tonnes away from landfill.


Where does my recycling go?

Both the yellow and blue recycling streams are processed in Smithfield by Visy. The Visy Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) sorts the recycling using manual and automated systems, this sorts the waste into individual material groups including cardboard and paper, glass, plastics and metal food and beverage cans. The sorted material is bailed for further processing and re-manufacture. 


Will Lane Cove have a food waste collection service?

Under the 2030 EPA State Government mandate, all Local Government areas are to provide residents with a household food waste collection service. 

Lane Cove has begun the processes of trialing service options to ensure we provide the right service for our residents. 

Until we are ready to roll out this new service, please see our current programs for recycling your food organics here.

How do I arrange a skip bin?

Council considers applications for the placement of building waste containers or “skips” in public places based on its adopted Code. The onus of safe delineation and conspicuity is the responsibility of applicants and the following are minimum requirements:-

  • Council approval shall be obtained prior to the placement of any building waste container in a public place.

  • Applications shall be lodged in writing, together with the information required by this Code, at least 7 days in advance and longer where the approval of Lane Cove Traffic Committee is required.

  • Applications shall be accompanied by the fee and deposit together with evidence of the required public risk insurance.

  • The placement of any container without such approval is an offence subject to penalty and Council may institute legal proceedings and may direct its immediate removal or may impound same in which case there shall be recovery charges to obtain its release.

  • Council reserves the right to direct the removal of any building waste container if any nuisance associated therewith is created.

  • Approvals shall be issued by Council’s Urban Services Division and shall NOT be automatically attached to building consents.




I am a business owner, can I receive waste services?

Council only offers residential waste services. All businesses in the LGA are to arrange their own private contractors.

Other waste enquiry not mentioned on our website?

If you have visited our Log a Request page and still cannot find information on your waste related enquiry, please contact 1300 655 006 or 9911 3555