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For general contract and tender enquiries contact our Governance Team via email 


What are the key features and benefits for Businesses and Suppliers?

Registering for VendorPanel Marketplace is completely free for suppliers/businesses. It means receiving timely quote requests from Council and being able to submit quotes quickly and easily

  • VendorPanel Marketplace is easy to navigate
  • No pre-qualification is necessary for businesses/suppliers to register on VendorPanel Marketplace
  • Businesses and suppliers will be more visible and accessible to Council purchasing staff
  • Businesses and suppliers will not have to spend as much time quoting
  • It will be easier for businesses/suppliers to respond to a Council request for a quote
  • VendorPanel Marketplace provides opportunities for businesses and suppliers to be visible to other councils and government entities within Australia that utilise VendorPanel Marketplace.

It is important to note that registering on VendorPanel Marketplace does not provide a guarantee of securing work with Council

Why is category selection important during the registration process?

Local businesses and suppliers should register in all the categories that best represent the goods and/or services available to Council. This will help raise awareness with Council purchasing staff that a business/supplier exists in a particular category.

Businesses/suppliers are encouraged to register in more than one category if relevant to the goods and/or services they provide

How do I register under more than one category?

Complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the VendorPanel Marketplace website
  2. Click on the category and subcategories that best suit your business.
  3. Enter the business name, email address and follow the screen prompts (ensuring that the email address is identical to the one used when initially setting up the account).
  4. An email will be sent to the email address provided to confirm all details provided.
  5. Click on the email and log into the business's profile.
  6. Check that the additional categories have been added to the business profile.

What if a business/supplier is an existing business/supplier on an established arrangement on VendorPanel, does that business/supplier still need to register?

Yes. The VendorPanel Marketplace is different to being an existing business/supplier on an established arrangement on VendorPanel.

The VendorPanel Marketplace will be used for quotations sought from businesses/suppliers where goods and/or services are not able to be sourced from an established arrangement.

Clause 8.1 and 8.2 of the Service Provider Agreement state that a fee may be charged; however Council states that registration is free. Will a fee be charged?

There is no charge to suppliers who register to the Marketplace environment and no ongoing fees to suppliers who register to Marketplace.

Clauses 8.1 and 8.2 provide VendorPanel Pty Ltd the right to charge suppliers if additional functionality is built into Marketplace in the future. Prior to suppliers gaining access to any additional functionality, suppliers will be advised if a fee is applicable.d

Business ethics

As well as the Code of Conduct, we've adopted standards for all tenderers, suppliers, contractors and consultants. Read our Statement of Business Ethics

Tenderers, suppliers, contractors and consultants must:-

  • Comply with Council’s procurement policies and procedures
  • Provide accurate and reliable advice and information when required
  • Declare actual or perceived conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest includes both pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests and is equally important. A pecuniary interest is an interest that a person has in a matter because of the reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial gain or loss to the person or another person with whom the person is associated. Associated persons include relatives, partners and employers. A non-pecuniary interest may include family relationships, friendships, positions in associations, or other interests that do not involve financial gain or loss.
  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings.
  • Refrain from exerting pressure or to offer any inducements or incentives or future employment to officers or elected officials.
  • Ensure safety of the community at all times
  • Prevent the unauthorised release of privileged information, including confidential Council information
  • Refrain from discussing Council dealings with the media, except with Council's consent
  • Report to Council's General Manager any suspected breach of these ethical standards.

Reporting Unethical Behaviour

Reports of unethical behaviour, fraud, corrupt conduct, mal-administration or waste can be made in writing to: 

General Manager

Lane Cove Council

PO Box 20

Lane Cove NSW 1595.

Current Tenders

There are no current tenders at this time. 

To view current public tenders on VendorPanel and Tenderlink click on via the link below.


Tenders & EOI's Under Assessment

Request for Tender (RfT) - Rooftop Remedial Works - 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove

Council undertook a Request for Tender from suitably qualified and experienced contractors with appropriate licenses to undertake:

1. Rooftop Remedial Works on a Class 2 Building (1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove NSW 2066)

2. All work carried out by the Contractor shall meet the current Australian Standards and the National Construction Code of Australia 3. The Contractor is to permit the occupants to continue in secure possession and occupancy of all units and car parking at the Building for the duration of the Works.

Request for Tender (RfT) – Bob Campbell Oval - Upgrade

Council undertook a Request for Tender process to engage a suitably experienced contractor to provide the Work for:

  • the demolition of existing turf sportsfield, amenities block, kiosk and associated park infrastructure; and
  • construction and installation of natural turf sports field and associated sports field and park facilities infrastructure including but not limited to drainage, lighting to sports field, playground, pedestrian footbridge, pathways, carpark, amenities building, electrical, plumbing, sewer services, excavation of some existing site soil, delivery, installation, certifying, spreading and compacting to design levels as set out in the Specification to this RFT, at Bob Campbell Oval, St Vincents Road, Greenwich (collectively referred to as the Works).

Request for Tender (RfT) – Cleaning Services - Council Facilities

Lane Cove Council undertook a Request for Tender from suitably qualified and experienced contractors/suppliers for the provision of cleaning services of Council's assets at various locations. This is for a term of up to three years, plus two x one year options for renewal exercisable by the Council and intended to commence mid 2024.

Recent Successful Tenders


Scope of Work

Tendered Price


 Avant Constructions Pty Ltd Upgrade Pottery Oval Amenities  $349,650.00 (ex gst)  13 December 2023
 Convic Pty Ltd Demolition and construction of skatepark  $1,039,693.28 (ex gst)  30 November 2023
 Marsupial Landscape Management Pty ltd  Grass Cutting Services  $289,839.40 (ex gst) 1 July 2023

Floodlighting Australia Pty Ltd T/A Havencord

Blackman Park Lighting Upgrade

$560,000 (ex gst)

19 May 2022


Construction of a bridge over rail corridor at St Leonards

$28,184,550(ex GST)

19 December 2021

Synergy Turf Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Construction and installation of synethic turf - Bob Campbell Oval

$3,293,692.33 (ex GST)

20 August 2021

*Subject to acceptance of Council's Conditions of Contract