Native Animals

Close up of baby ringtail possum

Around 200 different animal species, including more than 150 different types of birds have been observed in the bushland and gardens of the Lane Cove LGA. You may be surprised to know that Swamp Wallabies, Sugar Gliders, Echidnas, Green Tree Frogs, turtles and microbats are still sighted occasionally in Lane Cove's bushland. Endangered species such as the Powerful Owl and Eastern Bent-wing Bat also reside in our area.

Wildlife surveys

Ecological consultants have recently completed a survey of the frog and fish species found in all the creeks of Lane Cove. The results can be seen in the Frog and Freshwater Fish Survey Report 2023.

A comprehensive wildlife survey was undertaken by ecological consultants between September 2019 and April 2020, covering all of Lane Cove's major bushland reserves. The detailed Lane Cove Bushland Fauna Surveys 2020 Report provides a profile on each species sighted, including abundance, behaviour and habitat and includes an overview of the bushland sites studied. 

Council maintains an ongoing database of fauna sightings, which helps in the conservation and management of our bushland reserves. Residents are encouraged to report interesting/unusual wildlife sightings to Council at