Development and Compliance

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Below you can track a Development application, or make a Service Request relating to unauthorised works, graffiti removal and noise pollution:

Track a development application

  • Determined DAs
  • DAs awaiting decision
  • Currently advertised DAs

Report unauthorised works 

  • Illegal land use
  • Non-compliance with development consent
  • Illegal works
  • Patios, gazebos and non-compliant decks
  • Sheds, garages, and granny flats
  • Renovations, alterations, and additions
  • Change of use
  • Pools and spas

Request graffiti removal from Council property

This link is for removal of graffiti from Council property.

It also includes information and links about graffiti removal form business, public, and private property.

Report noise pollution 

  • Air conditioner/pool pump
  • Barking dog
  • Construction
  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Neighbourhood