Reporting unauthorised tree removal, pruning or damage

Reporting unauthorised tree removal, pruning or damage.jpg

Trees planted on Council managed land and private property are protected by Council’s Tree & Vegetation Development Control Plans and other legislation.

If you believe a tree has been illegally pruned, removed, poisoned or vandalised, you can report this to Council by completing the following steps.


Step 1.Check for tree works approval

Search Approved Private Tree Works to check if Council has approved tree works for the selected property.

Please note:

• Tree approvals are listed from 1 July 2022
• Works approved under a Development Application approval are not listed

Step 2.Report it to Council

If you have searched the property and Council has not approved the tree works you can report this to Council in one of the below ways.

• If illegal works are happening now, please call 9911 3555 and we can send a Ranger to investigate.

When reporting suspected illegal tree work, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

• Property address of the tree.
• What type of activity is occurring
• Record and submit information such as date, time and photographs to assist our investigation
• Provide your name and contact details to enable Council to respond to you.