Meet Your Neighbours

Local residents at a playground
Meet Your Neighbours Toolkit

The Meet Your Neighbours toolkit is your guide to creating a friendly and resilient community in your apartment building. You can use the toolkit for ideas  to get to know your neighbours.

It's a result of the "Meet Your Neighbours" project, developed in partnership with Willoughby City Council, and funded by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

We're keen to work with strata or residents to continue and extend the Meet Your Neighbours project. Email to get involved.

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Creating friendly and resilient apartment building communities

Our "Meet Your Neighbours" project aims to promote neighbour connections and increase community resilience among apartment residents.

In 2022 and 2023 we piloted a series of engagements with residents across three apartment buildings to increase connectedness among residents, engage residents in identifying local resilience issues where the residents will take ownership in prioritising, planning and implementing solutions for themselves.

Watch the Building Vertical Neighbourhoods webinarto learn more about the "Meet Your Neighbours" project. The webinar aims to inspire residents and strata who are passionate about creating friendly and resilient communities.