Planning Controls

Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Council's adopted Local Strategic Planning Statement outlines the 20 year vision, planning priorities and actions for land use in Lane Cove.

This statement has been endorsed by the Greater Sydney Commission and will now be used to inform future amendments to Council's Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan. The LSPS came into force on 30 March 2020 when it was published on the NSW Planning Portal website.

Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

Council's adopted Local Housing Strategy was approved by NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment on 14 September 2021. As a result, it is now a primary consideration when assessing new Planning Proposals for housing - in addition to the LSPS.

Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

*For information on the St Leonard's South Planning Proposal, please visit this webpage.

Council's LEP is a guide for development over the next 20 years in line with the Greater Sydney Commission's Greater Sydney Region Plan and North District Plan. The LEP came into force on 19 February 2010.

The LEP consists of a written document and maps (reference map below indicates the four LGA map areas). All current and up-to-date documents relating to the Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 2009 document and maps can be found on the NSW Legislation website. 

Abbreviations for the following map types are:

  • FSR - floor space ratio maps
  • LZN - land zoning maps
  • HOB - height of buildings map
  • LSZ - lot size map
  • LRA - land reservation acquisition map
  • HER - heritage map
  • ASS - acid sulphate maps
  • CLI - foreshore building line, riparian land map and environmental protection area map
  • IFSR - incentive floor space ratio map
  • IHOB - incentive height of buildings map
  • KYS - key sites map.

For example - if you are interested in viewing the Land Zoning Map for the area indicated above as '002' you would need to click on it to look at the map types available.

Development Control Plan (DCP)