Planning Panels

Local Planning Panel

The Lane Cove Local Planning Panel (LCLPP) is a panel of appropriately qualified people independent of Council charged with determining a range of development applications and providing advice on Planning Proposals on behalf of Council (based on mandatory referral criteria). 


Each Panel meeting includes four members comprised of the permanent chairperson, a rotating community member and two members who represent each of the expert fields of: architecture, urban design or planning and the environment. 

The Panel meeting format consists of an on-site inspection followed by a public meeting, with an open forum for interested persons and groups to hear submissions about the proposal. 

Meetings are webcast with speakers to attend in-person. In the event that meetings are required to be held via audio visual link community members will be able to register to speak via the online link. 

To enable the Chairperson to accommodate all people wishing to address the Panel, speakers are required to register with the Secretariat prior to the meeting. Community members will have 3 minutes to address the panel and the representative of a community organisation or association 10 minutes.

A closed panel session is then held for the panel to deliberate before announcing the determination to the public. The determination includes a written response from the Panel which will be uploaded to Council’s website outlining the reasons for the decision.

The Panel meets as required generally on the first Tuesday of the month. The public meeting commencing at 5:00pm will be held at Council Chambers, 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove. 

Sydney North Planning Panel

The Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP) is a panel of appropriately qualified people independent of Council charged with the following roles:

  • Determine regionally significant development applications;
  • Act as the Planning Proposal Authority (PPA) when directed;
  • Undertake Rezoning Reviews; and
  • Provide advice on other planning and development matters when required.

Further information on the role of Sydney Planning Panels is available via the NSW Planning Portal.

NSROC Design Review Panel

Council encourages good Urban Design and Architecture in the local government area. The Lane Cove Design Review Panel provides advice informing Council's development assessment process. The Panel reviews Development Applications and provides advice in relation to including but not limited to:

  • Residential Flat Buildings, and any other developments where it is considered that the proposal is likely to benefit from design review.

It should be noted that in relation to the St Leonard's South Precinct a Design Excellence Panel provides a review of development applications having regard to Part 7 of the Local Environmental Plan. 

The Design Review and Design Excellence Panels are advisory only.

The Panel is made up of a pool of qualified professionals, independent of Council, with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and sustainability. 

Panel Members

Sydney North Planning Panel members

Specific information on the composition and jurisdiction of the Sydney North Planning Panel is available here.

Local Planning Panel Members

  • Mr Mark Gifford (Interim Chairperson)
  • Ms Louise Byrne (Interim Alternate Chairperson)


  • Mr Michael Ryan
  • Ms Kim Crestani
  • Ms Lisa Bella Esposito
  • Mr David Ryan
  • Mr Jason Perica
  • Ms Susan Hobley
  • Ms Lisa Trueman
  • Mr Michael Mason

Community Representatives

  • Ms Melanie Naidoo
  • Mr Ian Longbottom
  • Mr David Risbey

NSROC Design Review Panel Members

  • Peter St Clair (Chairperson) - Architecture
  • Emili Fox - Architecture
  • Brendan Randles - Urban Design/Architecture
  • Aldo Raadik - Urban Design/Architecture
  • Michael Harrison - Urban Design/Architecture
  • Alex Halliburton - Landscape Architecture
  • Elina Braunstein - Urban Design
  • Ben Jones - Sustainability
  • Sam Crawford - Architecture
  • Stephen Collier - Urban Design/Architecture
  • Digby Hall - Sustainability/Architecture
  • Jason Cuffe - Landscape Architecture
  • Kaichi Leung - Architecture
  • Lucinda Varley - Landscape Architecture/Sustainability
  • Timothy Williams - Urban Design/Architecture